Would you buy CD if it requires always online DRM?

I posted this question on Facebook/Twitter/Google+. Curious to know what people here will do if the next Xbox has always online DRM. Will it affect your decision to get an Xbox 720 and Crimson Dragon (if Crimson Dragon is indeed coming to the next Xbox - still not confirmed).

Short answer: No.

Long answer: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo.

TBH, Crimson Dragon isn’t enough for me to want to buy a whole console for. I would’ve been willing to have paid ?70 for a kinect to play (which I nearly did, but thankfully decided to wait for the game to be released before buying, a shrewd decision by myself), but buy a whole new console for?

As a retro gamer, there aren’t likely to be many games I want released for it. I only own a 360 cos’ all the Cave shooters were on there. But with Sony apparently pleasing so many devs on both sides of the planet with the PS4, and so many stories of MS angering devs, particularly indie devs, it’s seems unlikely many devs are going to support them much either.

DRM i the final straw though. So many are going to flock to the PS3 instead. Although, I’m placing bets Sony will add many forms of DRM later in the PS4’s life, slowly, but surely.

Finally, I live in Japan. No-one owns a 360 in Japan, and I doubt many are going to buy the next MS console. They don’t even have a Dead or Alive exclusive to shift consoles here.

Deal breaker.

I might hire an Xbox 720 (if that’s possible) just to play through Crimson Dragon. The game looks like it will be relatively short. I really don’t want to buy one if they impose this kind of always-online DRM on every game. The PC is where most of the games I want to play are released these days (as well as a few exclusives on Sony’s consoles), so it’s likely to be just Crimson Dragon that I’ll want an Xbox 720 for. I’m okay with missing out on games such the Halo series that are Xbox exclusive if that means avoiding always-online DRM.

I just can’t imagine Microsoft actually going ahead with this, but even the most recent rumors continue to mention the always online component… The Eurogamer article in particular really doesn’t sound good. I can’t imagine that this would end well for them, since Sony seems to be making a good impression with the PS4.

I also have no plans to purchase an always on/DRM filled machine. Part of my enjoyment of buying a game is going over to my brothers house to play games on his 360 together. This may be old fashioned or old school, but that is what I do. I also don’t like any game tied to one console as I don’t want the hassle of having to replace my machine and have to worry about my games not working. I am on my 3rd 360. I trust MS as far as I could throw them.

No. I will just watch a Let’s Play of it on YouTube or something.