World of Warcraft

Who here plays this game? I had a 10 day trial yast year, but only recently started playing properly now…

I know geoffery duke is a warcraft fan (i myself have only played Warcraft III)

so if you play it what server/realm/race/class/level (s) are you?

I myself am an Undead Priest on Kazzak EU
level 20ish at the moment

I started a few months ago, and I’m loving it! I’m finding it much more time-friendly than when I tried to play FFXI.

Anyways, I’m Rogue/Human/21/Turalyon at the moment, catching rabies off wolves :slight_smile:

I played for 3 months shortly after it launched, back when there was no shortage of lvl 50+ players ganking 20- players and also an abundance of pussies on PvP servers who’d rather insult someone for alerting the zone to a dishonorable enemy party than actually help their side. Too often a truly vile experience.

I quit right before they implemented the honorable kill system, and also right before my lvl 40 druid would have become a better character apparently. But I’d seen enough anyway, the total dependancy on gear and the discrepancy of power in that gear has no place in a full world game like that IMO. Diablo 2 works on that level because there really is nothing much to it after the several hours it takes to go through the story, in WoW the item hunt focus is just a total cop-out, virtually an admission that the actual game experience can’t stand on it’s own.

A very very impressive product and achievement for what’s there, but so very compromised from what it so very clearly should have been. Still I have no problem understanding why it’s as popular as it is.

The power gamers basically ruined the battle grounds because rather than face one another (equals), they avoided one another in order to crush weak weaker foes for quick and easy honour instead.

Very disappointing.

I have a guild on Twisting Nether if anyone here is there, btw. >:) But it looks as though we’re merging with some allies in order to better progress.

I have no interest at all in PvP servers, and that is one of the reasons why. Heck, PvE servers have enough morons on them, so morons with the ability to attack whoever they please can only be worse! :anjou_happy:

PvE Server ,Shadowsong Europe, Horde ofc.
a terribly addictive game , i curse it every evening i waste on it.
my attempt at leaving the game ended after 2 months…then i went back.
WoW is a bit like smoking i guess…

I might enjoy it if you didn’t have to pay for it monthly, I mean what the hell is up with that? And what the hell is this guild bollocks ‘I’m in a guild of noble warriors’ try telling that at a social gathering. Leeroy Jenkins is a legend for fucking up that guild’s big plans (yes I know it was staged but it had a message).

So basically I would consider paying if they’re weren’t these bands of weirdos skipping around pissing everyone off.