Woohoo. Ico ruled

I just bought and beaten Ico. Thoroughly enjoyable. I really dug the whole atmosphere and the sort of psuedo Celtic feel. The puzzles made sense and were easy to suss out after some observation. The part where Yorda caught Ico’s hand on the stone bridge is easily one of the best moments in a video game. But the highlight of the game was the evil Queen. She had a great design the way she seemed to flow and crackle with shadows and energy. She sort of reminded me of a great Disney villain. Ico’s only fault was that it was way too short, and the enemies aren’t varied at all. The Queen only made her presence known three times throughout the entire game. I was hoping she would’ve been given more opportunities to grow as an evil character. But a great game, all in all. So who on this board was the Ico fan?

Ico is the greatest game ever made from an artistic point of view :slight_smile:

Agreed. ICO is simply my favorite game of all time.

You all do know that Ico II (Nico in Japan) is almost finished?

Not quite, but they’re supposedly working on it.

I’ve heard some rumours floating around lately concerning Nico. As far as i can tell it is in development. Who knows when its coming out though.