With what program can I watch the pds fmv's on my pc?

I would like to have all the pds fmv’;s on my pc and be able to watch them, I heard that that is possible, what program do I need??

You can either use the cpk player which you can find in the programs section to watch the cinematic sequences, or you can convert the movies into .avi format with another program found in the same section.

when I convert them to avi files will I keep the subtitles??

Not that I know of (I believe someone found a way though). The text accompanying all the FMV footage can be found on the site.

Yeah, unfortunately the subtitles aren’t integrated into the FMV sequences - the FMVs are stored as .CPK files on the disc, but the subtitles are stored as text in a separate file (called something like MOVIE.DAT). Normally, watching them either way on your PC won’t give you the subtitles.

However, a forum member (CheloXL) apparently worked out a way to let you watch the subtitles along with converted .AVI versions of the movie files. I’ve never got around to trying it out myself, but the topic is covered in this thread (somewhere towards the bottom).

I downloaded the .cpk player from the programs section of this site, however the files fail to play all the way through, stopping before the entrie clip has been played. how do I fix this?

Hey PanzerPants, welcome to the forums.

The solution to your problem lies here:


Welcome :slight_smile: The solution lies in there ^

yeah I found the thread 2 minutes after I posted, as such I applied open palm to forehead swiftly.
I DL the Cinepak Viewer from www.rpgfan.com and while it plays the files successfully, the window isnt as large. Bah! Cant win 'em all eh?