Will we ever play Crimson Dragon Saga?

It’s now been over a year since Crimson Dragon was released. There are no signs of the RPG sequel that Futatsugi wished to make, intended to “directly connect to the ending of the first Crimson Dragon”, but perhaps it is still too early to expect signs of it.

Although reception to Crimson Dragon wasn’t good, I would like to a see a sequel. If Crimson Dragon Saga is developed with the controller in mind from the start, I expect the controls to radically improve. Think of how the controls of Panzer Dragoon Zwei were improved over the original also. If Crimson Dragon Saga is an RPG, more attention would likely be given to the story, another of the first game’s shortcomings. Crimson Dragon contains the building blocks of a world that could be expanded upon, in the same way that Panzer Dragoon Saga expanded upon Panzer Dragoon 1 and 2.

I don’t expect we’ll see a sequel in the same league as Panzer Dragoon Saga, but I don’t see why we couldn’t see a Crimson Dragon RPG with a decent budget if Microsoft decides to pursue that option. Xbox One needs RPGs, and why not take advantage of the talent at Grounding? The development of the first Crimson Dragon was plagued with issues, but mistakes can be learnt from.

I think it deserves a second chance for the sake of us PD fans. How well did it sell? Enough to even consider a sequel? I just hope it’s not released in parts or chapters. Can they match even a quarter of PDS atmosphere and aesthetics?

PD had it’s own unique design highly borrowed from Moebius. It seems Crimson Dragon only had derivative design choices. The PD rail shooters succeeded IMO because of a chilling opening premise, along with sheer unique atmosphere and curiosity. So, how do you make a spiritual successor without copying the original subject matter? I think this was Crimson Dragon’s utter weakness…

I do agree though, that a larger game gives the opportunity to actually put effort into the story. Exploration would be key and there would be no excuses! It would fall apart with a dumb story behind it.

I’m not sure how well Crimson Dragon sold. Does anyone have access to sales figures?

An episodic sequel would be okay, provided we actually got a complete story in the end. If the episodes were made at the same time and released separately (for increased revenue or whatever) that is fine with me, so long as the quality is kept high. I’m realistic about how the market works, and episodic content is definitely preferable (from a player’s perspective) to micro-transactions. There are barely any other games like Crimson Dragon, so it isn’t likely to feel as repetitive as, say, an episodic first person shooter.

Although similar, IMO Crimson Dragon was unique enough to stand apart from the Panzer Dragoon series, with it’s own designs and world. It was unique enough to not feel like any of today’s games either, it’s only when compared with the Panzer games that comparisons were made, and disappointment is often based on comparisons. Considering Crimson Dragon RPG as it’s own game makes me optimistic about experiencing a potentially great follow up.

no I wouldve bought crimson dragon if it were retail especially for an rpg it has to get a retail release