Will the Tower Network be brought back online?

Panzer Dragoon Saga II is on the way (and no,. it’s not wishful thinking either) and I’m just wondering what is going to be done plot wise this time around.

The world is dying, now that the Towers have been shut down and the future looks rather…bleak. Therefore, is it possible that the Tower Network will be revived to fulfill a purpose not yet known? I sure hope so.

The Towers may not have regenerated the planet, or terraformed it into whatever their creators envisioned, but they did keep the environment from collapsing. They may have stabilized the planet long enough to stop it from shaking itself to pieces.

If the planet was dying, then the Towers seem to have prevented its death, even if the planet’s surface did undergo a violent metamorphosis for a short period of time after the Towers were deactivated. By all accounts, the ancients wanted to regenerate a wartorn world.

I believe the Towers were meant to revive a dying planet, and without their intervention, the planet would’ve imploded or suffered an equally dramatic fate. The Towers couldn’t complete their task after wearing down over time, but they could still stop any drastic environmental changes.

I was entertaining the possibility of the Towers terraforming the world into something unfit for human habitation, but the ancients always wanted to keep humans alive – they just wanted to reduce the human population to numbers that couldn’t threaten the survival of their race, or interfere with the cycle of regeneration. The Towers couldn’t render a dead planet fit for habitation with a huge technologically advanced civilisation still living on it, so it was swept away.

Nah, I think the environment would just become inhabitable. Kinda’ like Mars, which might have supported life in the past, but is just endless red sand now.

(Secret : Skee loves Mars! So he is not being derogatory towards it!)

Well, alot of people consider the Heresy program to be destroyed, but I do not believe that to be the case. In the memory cell in Sestren in Episode 7 of Orta, the Heresy Program’s last words were - ‘I must now rest’. Resting does not mean ETERNAL SLEEP like most people on here tend to believe. On the contrary, I believe the Heresy program is simply re-cooperating from the massive energy it probably took to merge with the Sestren system.

With that said, I do not believe that the Towers are shut down permanently and will eventually be activated by Sestren or tinkering humans who don’t know better. The Towers have always been the center of the storyline, and I do not think this is going to change (which is good).

What makes you so sure that a new game is on the way? It does sound like wishful thinking to me, I’m afraid…

The Towers were all but removed from Panzer Dragoon Orta; they barely got a mentioning in Pandora’s Box. It would seem strange if Amusement Vision brought up the old story again, especially since many people who have played Orta would not have played the Saturn trilogy.

doesn’t sound like you think the ancients were human :open_mouth:

yeah, the heresy program is just resting in his sanctuary in antarctica…

The planet’s atmosphere becoming toxic to humans is just as profound as the planet splitting in two in my book. :slight_smile:

Well, we’d need to confirm what the Heresy dragon said in the Japanese version of the game. Lord Craymen (the poster) once stated that when the Heresy dragon said it must be destroyed, it was actually meant to say deactivated. Can someone confirm if indeed the Heresy dragon did say that it must be destroyed [by the Divine Visitor] in the Japanese version of Panzer Dragoon Saga?

I agree, though, that “I must rest” is more ambiguous than “I must be destroyed”.

The Towers are another story. We know they were shut down and without something to operate them, they won’t be unleashing vast armies of bio-engineered predators on the human population of the world any time soon.


doesn’t sound like you think the ancients were human :O[/quote]

Humans aren’t above killing their own kind, especially if, in this case, some of them believed that the only way to save the world was to push humanity to brink of extinction and keep it there.

I believe the ancients were human (all of the ancients), but the creators of the Panzer series seem intent on shrouding their true identity in mystery.

Is the world dying? From what I gather, many species have shifted into high-speed evolution. This would allow life to quickly adapt to even radical changes in the environment (e.g. the Great Fall). Humans, of course, learn to cope with changing environments, rather than relying on natural selection.

More to the point of the dormant TowerNet, I agree that re-activating them makes for a fine world-spanning threat. Perhaps especially in light of my own personal take on the Ancients. In a nutshell, the ruling faction were ecological dictators that imposed (pardon the pun) draconian population controls, and the heresy faction was an underground resistance.

So in short, return the Towers to their original programming, and humanity is once again under the thumb of dictators gone for ten-thousand years.

Mind you, all my PDO information is second-hand, so I could be barking up the wrong tree.

Craymen said the world was already dead. His plans were founded on the dream of saving the world from itself and from the virulent human scourge quickly spreading out of control across the planet. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a litte about the extent of humanity’s hindrance, but you get the picture.

I think the Heresy program was just deactivated instead of destroyed. It’s more or less the same thing (it doesn’t do anything anymore now), but someone or something may be able to reactivate it.

The Towers must be brought back.

Heresy will re-appear and make its’ atonement by taking control of the Sestren Network and reactivating the Towers…

“They…now I understand what they meant…”

What better game could there be than a game where you fight an old goody guy? :smiley:

I was thinking the same thing. Lagi v. the heresy program would be cool, as the dragon would fight a corrupted wierd spirit dragon butterfly thingy in the climatic battle of the series. itd be the end of the series though iff they was to destroy each others.

Just to clarify: Heresy wouldn’t be evil.It would always try to convince us.That’s why I used the word atonement.It would realize how things should be…

i’d actually like to see them move on… we already dealt with the towers in PD, PDZ, and PDS.

there’s nothing wrong with the towers; it’s just, there’s this huge world that they’ve created and i’m sure there are plenty of things 1000 times more dangerous than the towers that could be entered in. and it would always be cool to see another empire…

hows this for a premise: sestren exis regains its functionality and does battle with the heresy program in the sestren. but this time the heresy program has the upper hand (cause it took over while exis was sleeping). though it could most likely defeat exis, it casts out the “impurity” to protect itself. so now sestren exis takes on physical form as the most powerful being in the physical world… until the heresy program summons a new dragon(S!!) to hunt it down. i say dragon(S) cause it would be cool if their were co-op play with splitscreen/system link so you and your buddy can take different routes when the paths fork to make sure you clear it all.

it’s like zwei but backwards! :smiley:

[quote=“Megatherium”]i’d actually like to see them move on… we already dealt with the towers in PD, PDZ, and PDS.

there’s nothing wrong with the towers; it’s just, there’s this huge world that they’ve created and i’m sure there are plenty of things 1000 times more dangerous than the towers that could be entered in. and it would always be cool to see another empire…


Actually, you’re wrong. The Towers and the Dragon’s are the greatest legacies the Ancients left behind before their demise. Introducing something else (kinda like how they introduced the Cradle out of nowhere) would bastardize the series. The Towers MUST be brought back into the main storyline if we are to see any conclusion to the series.

I dunno, though. It’s bad storytelling to constantly use the same foil over and over again. It’s why the script writers left the Star Wars series in the middle of Return of the Jedi. They didn’t think it was good to bring the Death Star back.

I thought that kinda sucked too, I must admit. I mean, they blew it up once, what’s to stop them doing it again?

Well then give this dragon a purpose then.

Are our “friends” gonna be in danger agehn for the enxt game for Mr.Drakon to appear??

That’s kind of a bad example, considering Star Wars sucked from beginning to end, anyway. The world of Panzer Dragoon has alot more vision than Star Wars ever did.

The Towers need to be brought back because their function is STILL a mystery, even though they’ve already been shut down and were in all 3 Panzer Dragoon’s on the Saturn. I do not think the Tower concept has been overused at all - in fact, if you remember, you never truly encounter the Tower(s) until the end of all the Panzer Dragoon games - and even then, the information given about them is vague. We still do not know what they were originally created for - even though they did control the environment as well as perform a system of checks and balances - but I believe that’s just touching the surface of what they are truly capable of.

Simply forgetting about the Towers without any resolution as to what their purpose was, and moving on to something else, is also a bad case of storytelling.

Anyone who thinks that Panzer Dragoon Saga was a resolution to the Towers’ storyline…are…how should I put this?..too damn easy to please. I saw the ending of Panzer Dragoon Saga as a new chapter into the mystery of the Towers…not an Epilogue.