Will the Japanese PD mini work on a U.S. Gamegear?

I was just wondering if the Japanese version of PD mini is compadible with a U.S. Gamegear.

I’m 90% sure it will.

I don’t know if such older systems had region lockouts

Portables usually dont have lockouts. I know the GBA doesn’t.

Yeah, to the best of my knowledge it doesn’t have a regional lockout (Game Boy-style, as Aitrus said). I don’t remember ever trying a Japanese game on my own Game Gear, but I’ve heard plenty of people say that it does work… and as far as I can remember, I’ve heard no-one say that it doesn’t.

Why you want to play Panzer Dragoon Mini is another issue entirely, but I’m sure you have your reasons :slight_smile:

shoots Lance



dies, but with look of understandable confusion

We are talking about the same game here, right Gehn?

Anyway, according to the only person who’s written a GameGear hardware FAQ for GameFAQs, every regional kind of GameGear game can indeed be played on every regional kind of GameGear. As far as I can tell this would make sense, so I’d feel pretty safe about being able to play the game.

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Yes I’m talking about PDmini.