Will Psychonauts be the next Beyond Good and Evil?

The game has been out for a few months now, and, after playing it, I can’t help but feel that despite

  • some high critical praise
  • beautifully crafted gameplay & control
  • amazingly deep, rich, well written, well voice-acted, and smartly funny story (Tim Schafer is a video game comic genius!!!)


  • originality out the wazoo

that the game really hasn’t found much of an audience…or, people just aren’t buying it for one reason or another…

This whole scenario smacks of the retail story of Beyond Good and Evil, which, probably has the most in common with this “not-so-distant cousin” of a game in terms of platforming, item collection, exploration, and globetrotting (or mindtrotting) adventuring.

It makes me sad that games of this level of quality and originality are being overlooked in this generation…which means that it will be even harder for developers who want to pursue this type of game for the next gen consoles.

I suppose that the ONLY plus side to this, is that Psychonauts will probably be in the bargain bins in months to come…while, by all means, it’s worth $50, I’d say it would be impossible to pass up at $30 or $20.

Sad but true. Still there are also examples of games that have made it. Prince of Persia looked to have the same fate at first but I’d say the two sequels (despite the last one being crap) prove it eventually did well. I’m looking forward to seeing the next one in the series, hopefully it has gone back to the original Sands of Time’s style. It seems the developers did strive for that but there are also some weird choices like the inclusion of the chariot racing sections which will supposdelly also play a rather important role in the game… I don’t know if they’ll pull that off well so it could ruin the game.

I’ve stated this before, but as gaming moves from being a sub-culture phenomenon into the mainstream culture, video games in general will have to reflect more “relevant” subjects in order to succeed. Back when videogames were relatively cheap and quick to produce, it was possible to subside on smaller audiences by feeding them bizarre concepts. Game geeks are simply more accepting of fantastic environments and generally weird stuff.

However, the average person is no more interested in the abstract or bizarre as they are interested in watching paint dry. Given the inordinate increases in development costs, game developers have had to target a much wider audience to make back their money.

It’s simply the nature of the beast.

But, as with all things, I believe the industry is cyclical, and we will see a return to the creative in due time. Budgets will cause games to implode on themselves, and technology advances will grow to be irrelevant in how they affect gaming. Once that stabilizes (more or less), we will see an increase in homegrown games, sold on the cheap and developed in people’s garages using shareware/freeware/etc.

Viva la revolucion! :smiley:

Could say the same about Kung Fu Chaos.

One of the best multi players games I’ve ever played (the level design is inspired) yet even despite the cheap price was overlooked by everybody.

Feel the same about the likes of JSRF, ORTA, O.TO.GI, ICO, SEGA GT , Gradius V, Riddick (The best 1st shooter this gen), REZ , Oddworld and even Galleon as well this gen.

Worst one though was Exhumed/Powerslave on the Saturn .
That game deserved so much better (even the press overlooked this gem).
For me its still the best 1st shooter ever , and its level design is nothing but sheer perfection. Lobotomy were gods

Exhumed wasn’t a saturn exclusive, it also existed on the PSOne and the PC though each version had some slight differences.

I know, but the Saturn version is where its at (so much better than the PS versions). Ezra Dreisbach is a programming genius.

Now for me StarBreeze are new Lobtomy, and Magnus Hogdhal the new Ezra :).

Magnus is as good as id’s Carmack anyday of the week

They need to make a multiplayer Riddick game. Imagine sneaking up to someone in the dark and breaking their neck, or turning their own gun around on them in a fire fight.

Hmm… I only played the first level of Psychonauts on the PS2, it just looked a little… unfinished. I loved the humor and the voice acting, but here and there I had serious problems with the depth perception.

I never read one of those reviews, so maybe I just don?t know what I?m missing. :anjou_embarassed:

Relevant == Hip hop, hip hop and more hip hop. I think this is the future of video gaming. Look at all the games coming out and that have already been released that glorify that thug life and street attitude. Frankly I’m getting quite sick of it.

Although I don’t think it’s true that gamers aren’t interested in the abstract. Katamari Damacy did quite well.

I’d say video games are the last media to glorify that attitude though… I got sick of it long before it reached the gaming shores…


(points to chalkboard)

PSYCHONAUTS class, we were talking about PSYCHONAUTS!

What concerns me is that as long as it sells, no one cares.

I think the “Gangsta” scenario is now one of the standard scenarios for certain games, like World War 2 is a standard scenario. I don?t think I will see the day the industry stops producing WW2-games.

fully agree with what abadd said , though…
game geeks? there are also people interested in art , that just enjoy creative scenarios without being geeks =P

but , even though in a few years there will perhaps be more creative games coming out , they will always be niche-products… the mainstream only follows recent trends … so , yes , the games will in time leave those damn gangsta-scenarios that are currently growing like a tumor , but they will find something else…something just as stupid and banal.
it’s all about some (sub)conscious “need” of the customer …and those people want to (for example) be a big rapper beating other rappers.
i really don’t see the day coming where a lot of people want to be a weird little guy infiltrating the brain of crazy people and fooling around with their thoughts =( ( and there we are back to psychonauts :wink:

If I had a decent source of income, there is no doubt I would have that game amongst others. But you know, it’s that type of game that will eventually become a cult hit more or less like Beyond Good and Evil is. That’s also not to say that games of this type will cease to be, it’s ultimately the decision of the creator and developer to continue these games. I have no doubt Tim will move on to other projects, and eventually one of them will hit big time, that’s the nature of creative media, you have more misses than hits, but once you have that hit more people will be aware of your misses and seek them out.

As far as I know, Majesco expected Psychonaughts and it’s other high profile project, Advent Rising to be rather poor in sales. Advent Rising struck a chord with me, and I hope it did with others. If the fan support is there, I have no doubt that companies like Majesco would be willing to take the risk and put out more games of the type. Personally, I feel it would be a crime against humanity if Advent Rising doesn’t see a sequel. But to each his own, eh?

You might be right about Psychonauts but as far as Advent Rising is concerned I’m pretty sure Majesco was hoping for a bit of a landmark (not a collossal one but a success nontheless).

I was very hyped for Advent Rising.After the poor reviews it got I’m reluctant about buying it.

I’m just trying to imagine how things will work out for GlyphX considering Advent was a longterm project (they have a trilogy in mind with much of the work already done by now).

Well yeah, certainly. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t expecting it, Majesco has picked up a lot of niche titles as of late. I mean, Microsoft Studios itself canned Psychonaughts, were it not for Majesco it would have been doomed.

Yeah, it takes a bit of patience considering it is buggy. Though when I played it, it glitched on me only twice through the entirety of the game. You should at least give it a shot. I consider a gem, a little nicked here and there, but a gem nonetheless.

Well, I think GlyphX has ambition going for it, I think they’ll continue the series. Too much time was put into it to just drop it after one game, and not to mention the PSP sidestory in the near future.

Is the story worth it?AR’s I mean.

Yeah, it’s nothing new though. A race of Aliens called the Seekers are set to annihilate the human race, and do a pretty damn good job. The last three remaining humans are saved by another benevolent alien race, the main character finds he has latent, untapped psychic abilities and vows revenge against the Seekers by raising hell with his new powers and so on and so forth. I enjoyed it, the dialogue is genuinely funny and you actually care about the characters.

If I had to pick between Halo 2 and Advent Rising, you can bet I’ll pick Advent Rising.

EDIT: We’re getting wonderfully off topic, we should remedy that.