Wil some one spoil orta for me?

wil sumone spoil orta for me in detail, seeign as how i thinits retarded i have to buy an xbox system for that one game that coudlnt have been release don any other system but that damn green box?

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As far as I’m aware, the reason that Smilebit chose Xbox over the other two consoles is that the Xbox contained more power to pull off a more graphically intense game. Smilebit had already made Gun Valkyre and JSRF on the Xbox, so they were familar with the hardware.

Also, the game’s storyline was designed with Western audiences in mind (some of the elements in the story strongly suggest this), so the Xbox probably seemed like a good choice for that reason as well.

There is an incomplete story synopsis on D-Unit’s site, so if you really want to be spoiled then I guess that’s a place to start:


The Dialogue section of this site also contains the complete script.

if you’re really a panzer dragoon fan, it’s worth playing. if not, whatever.

the game is absolutly worht playing, the bastard system is nto worth buying

Not true at all. Though I agree that the Xbox’ selection of games absolutely blows the big one - a modded Xbox totally redefines that experience and turns what used to be a big paper weight into the ultimate multimedia center. For instance, my modded Xbox can do the following:

-Play emulators at full speed for SNES, GENESIS, Sega CD, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Game Gear, MSX, Turbo Duo, Playstation, Sega Master System, NES, Neo Geo, Atari, MAME and more!

-Play Divx/Xvid/DVD/MPEG/AVI/WMV/MOV/OGG movies via Xbox Media Center.

-View Jpeg/tiff/gif/ images via XBMC.

-Play MP3s

-Run Linux

And all of this for a $40 modchip. I used to hate the Xbox - and now I consider it the best damn next-gen system because of the geek factor involved.

for a panzer dragoon fan, the game should be played rather than explained. do they have video rental places near where you live? those places usually rent consoles- then you wouldn’t have to buy the bastard system if it means that much to you.

I didn’t realise that there were so many emulators written for the Xbox. That’s awesome.

holy crap i had no idea i can rent a system, an dths proves my point, its a computer, but thinnk o fit, 40 for a chip 200 at max for th esystem, all just to play PDO and emulators, i mena if it can run a saturn or DC emu then yes that would in eed be worth it, but the simple cart games, kinda iffy, but i would liek to ren t asystem though, that is definetly worht considering, othe rthen buying a console

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Hey, welcome to the forum. I think Megatherium’s right on this one - if you can find any way to play though the game itself, it would be infinitely better than having it spoiled. I’m not sure if you know, but the game’s storyline only has a couple of direct ties to the events of the previous games; for the most part Panzer Dragoon Orta is a new story, so you might not find a summary of it as interesting as you’d think. Experiencing the game certainly is worthwhile though, so you should probably track it down if you can; PDO isn’t particularly long, so a quick rental of the game (and the system) would probably be enough to let you play through it.

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]There is an incomplete story synopsis on D-Unit’s site, so if you really want to be spoiled then I guess that’s a place to start:


The Dialogue section of this site also contains the complete script.[/quote]

I have to admit that it’s been a while since I’ve written anything for the story synopsis, but when the next chapter is (finally) ready you won’t have to wait months for the other chapters though, since I’m going to write the text of all the chapters first. Then it’s just a matter of adding all the images, which should take considerably less time.

now thats sumtin i ddint know, i thoguht orta woulda followed a bit more to the older 3 games, it woulda made that “uncompromising ending” quote on the back of the box pretty dumb, boy was i mad when i beat saga so many times just tget th esame ending, lol, just to brag, everythgin except the fire in my avatr is real, meanign that only the fire was added via photoshop :slight_smile:

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Orta is one of the best games i the series i believe, and should be experienced, not read. It is as if you read the script to Saga but never played through it. It would be a drastically compromised feeling for the game. As for the Xbox, not to be a fanboy or anything, but you really have to open your eyes to some of the gems it has before blasting it. (Otogi, Riddick, Halo, Orta, JSRF, and not only what i consider the best overall sports selection.) Don’t even begin to try to tell me Orta could have been pulled off on PS2, no way that would be able to handle everything.

Nice work on the avatar by the way.

eh who knows, um im not to big of a sports fan, at all, this is i find ironic, a book is better then a movie, but a game is better then a,… well written version of it or sumtin, but anywya, ps2 and gc arent as weak as they seem

lets not do this again, bomberman’s fanboyish tirade was enough :slight_smile:

if he doesn’t like the system or doesn’t want to like the system, that’s his prerogative. i avoid senseless conflict by not taking the words of anyone who hates the ps2, gc, or xbox seriously.

Actually, any system can run emulators and usermade software if you have a way to run unsigned code (for example there were SNES emulators for the PS1…although they sucked). And BTW, all consoles are computers.

computer meaning sumtin more direct i eman, such as your typical pc

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Please, learn to spell the word “grammar”. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, true. There was quite a big emulation scene for the Dreamcast as well. Thanks to the Xbox, it’s - in a way - now easier, because the system has a built in harddrive so you don’t have to use CDs or DVDs to store the software on, which I think was what Karamose was partly implying when he said the machine was a good deal.