Wiilcome to the future


Well, quite a silly turn of events if you ask me. Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and… Wii. Nice. Good luck Nintendo.

I don’t dislike it myself.

“i’ve got a wee”

… what is nintendo thinking… revolution was a much better name! this is even worse than “xbox 360” !

tut tut tut nintendo

When I saw that news I wanted to slap somebody at Nintendo… That name is terrible, I’m just hoping it’s some sort of joke…

Oh come on. XD It’s brilliant. It has so much pun potential. Plus I’m sure gamers have squealed “Wee!” in mad sessions of 4 player Bomberman/SSBM/Micro Machines. The Wii should return those times to us! XD

I hardly think the name will be the deciding factor as to wish them good luck just because of it. If the name’s so bad then I think the majority will just keep calling it Revolution.

I dislike “Wii” myself actually, it feels as if they were thinking only about Japan when they named it and didn’t think of how ridiculous it sounds in other languages.

Anyway, other things will decide its fate (and those things look exciting so far), though the name probably does matter in some smaller ways.

How novel, that everyone has the utmost desire to mock such a name.

I’ll pass. :anjou_sigh:

Why? It’s only natural, you can’t deny the call of nature!

To quote some random guy on another board:

Wii are the champions.

It’s interesting to me that most will not even remember how much smack the names “Dreamcast” and “XBOX” both got for a while. The name obviously wont break the system, but I do think there’s just something ungainly about it. Guess we’ll see…

There have been plenty of rubbish console names in the past, but this really takes the biscuit!
If I referred to something as “wee”, it wouldn’t be a positive, would it? I can understand the meaning behind “Wii”, and the inclusiveness it implies, but I can’t see how anybody who doesn’t know would reach the same conclusion if they were just presented with the name.

I’m just going to refer it as the NWS. I refuse to say wee out loud.

It’s pronounced we, not wee. Atleast that’s what Nintendo say. So, I don’t see why everyone keeps talking about wee and making all those jokes… Double i doesn’t necessarily mean it’s pronounced wee…

Obviously, but people will just go with the wee pronounciation.

Worst name for a console , EVER.

NCL really are taking the piss

Alexander - To most people, a double-vowel automatically creates a long vowel sound. While that may not be the case for Wii, there is only a minute difference between the pronunciation of “we” and “wee.” Say it fast, and there is no difference.

Nintendo should have just went back to it’s roots and called it the N.E.S. -O-(Nintendo Entertainment System -Omega-) - Wii is just flat out gay. Sega is no saint either when it comes to bad system names.

-Sega Master System (what? Sega is into bondage?)
-Sega Saturn (umm!? It was cool that all the development teams had galaxy names though)
-Sega Dreamcast (pschodelic Sega?)



Regardless of what you think of it as a marketing decision, you have to admit that the pun potential is awe-inspiring.

[quote=“Team Andromeda”]Worst name for a console , EVER.

NCL really are taking the piss[/quote]

Yeah, it’s just as bad as “Xbox 360”, or “XBOX” even! SRSLY WTF.

Man, Microsoft just sucks. :anjou_sigh: