Launch details at GameSpot (pricing etc):

GameSpot Wii Launch Center with previews and videos from the recent Nintendo show:

New official lineup movie. Some interesting unknown games glimpsed (my dad should love Forever Blue - Resident Evil looks fantastic, etc):
nintendo.co.jp/wii/topics/wi … ineup.html

New Wii site with videos showing the Wii Menu and Channels:

1UP also has a nice Wii section with details from the show:

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European launch details via eurogamer:

Date: December 8th 2006.
EUR 249 / GBP 179

Bundle is white console, one Wii remote, one Nunchuck, Wii Sports.

Launch titles: Wii Sports, Wii Play (the mini-games package with bundled Wii remote). Zelda, WarioWare: Smooth Moves (just after launch)."

Third-party: around 15-20 games from launch. Red Steel. Rayman. Need for Speed Carbon. Tony Hawk. Super Monkey Ball.

Between 49 and 59 Euros for software. 34 for 39 pounds. <- typo?]

Also: Region-locking of titles is optional. First party titles will not be locked according to reports from the US show. I imagine it will be the same for Nintendo Europe but even if not, what matters to us is the ability to buy US releases that may delay coming overseas.

Also: No fee for the online capability, however the actual web browser (which has nothing to do with the Mii Channels, Virtual Console, online gaming, etc) will have to be purchased separately later on using an unknown amount of Wii Points. It is only available for free for the first few months after the Wii’s launch or something along those lines. Reports on this are not very detailed anywhere.

The Wii is sounding pretty good. I’m looking forward to seeing how Red Steel turns out, especially. Also Sonic and the Secret Rings is looking nice; it’ll be interesting to see how well it works with the Wii remote.

Fire Emblem: The Goddess of Dawn looks alright, although it could be better graphically. However, it’s early days yet.

Also, hopefully the Wii will look okay on a high definition screen (I know the games won’t be in HD, but hopefully it won’t look worse on an HDTV than on a standard TV).

As for the web browser costing extra money/points… I don’t see that as a problem, so long as it’s not required for gaming. I hardly ever used the web browser on the Dreamcast anyway. Especially since the Wii isn’t an HD console, websites probably wouldn’t translate well if you viewed it on a standard definition TV.

The Wii is shaping up to a very ‘fun’ console. It looks like the type of system I’d play for the same reason I’d play a Megadrive. It seems less focused on CG cut scenes and more on fun and innovative gaming experiences. No complaints there.

Does anybody else find the name “Excite Truck” a bit annoying? “Excite Bike” works because of the assonance, but Excite Truck just sounds so forced.

Eh, maybe not the most ideal name, but as long as the game’s fun it can be called “Thrilling experience involving a large four wheel drive vehicle” for all I care. =D

And wee, I pre-ordered my Wii today. XD Now to wait until December.

I preordered one, although I’m not certain if I’ll actually follow through and buy one just yet.
I’m completely indifferent to Wario Ware, web browsers and downloadable Snes games, but I really want to play Zelda. I just hope there’s an option for people to play it without swinging about like a monkey. :anjou_happy:

Where did you all pre-order your Wii?

I preordered mine through play-asia.com, although since the official UK announcement yesterday my store has been taking preoper preorders too, so just check out the website of whoever you normally shop with.

I wouldn’t get Pal ?180 and region locked in just another kick inthe teeth by Nintendo Europe and a joke.
I might get one when Mario ships that and wario are the only games that look any good to me.

The price is not bad at all imo. Would have liked to see it cheaper but the same goes for every single product really.

Also, a lot of people bitch about the controller being too expensive, I think the price is OK considering what it offers.The way things have been shown so far, it seems that the “locally” multiplayer games are simple fun stuff that only require a wiimote so you’ll only need to give an additional 40 euro for a second. More or less the same as any official console controller. That’s probably the reason they sell them separatelly even. With a little luck all your friends will have a Wii and bring their own wiimotes (and Miis) with them when you wanna play together.

Games that require the nunchaku attachment will probably be deeper more involving things like a First Person Shooter or similar and those will probably be online multiplayer rather than locally so you’d not have to buy one for the guy you’d play with.

As far as games are concerned, from the launch titles I want Red Steel, Metroid Prime 3 and Zelda (yeah Gamecube game, I don’t care, should rock anyway). I think Wii Sports is a GREAT idea for a bundle since it’s the kind of game that everyone in your house can try out and have fun with (if it’s as fun and easy as game journalists would have you think). Wii Play should be worth the purchase with the extra wiimote bundle.

And of course free access to the online features is also good. I don’t care much for having an actual browser but from what I’ve read even that will likely be free for everyone who buys a Wii up until June of 2007 or something like that.

List of games under development:

The one thing I find bad is the fact Wii Points cost 20 euro for 2000 of them here while in the US they will cost $20. Surely there’s no VAT or other taxes involved for those or the downloadable games…

Some interesting titles are mentioned here:
ms.nintendo-europe.com/wii/?site … tml&l=enGB

Elevator Action Wii? I wonder if it’s a sequel to Elevator Action Returns… Should be interesting to see what they do with the controller in this kind of a game. Yay for FarCry Vengeance.

Well, I just wanted to comment on the region lock deal again.

I understand, TA, that you wrote your last post after reading various reports that said Nintendo of Europe announced that it was a mistake of Nintendo of America to say in the event that the Wii is region free while in fact it is not.

However Nintendo of America didn’t only announce it during the event but also discussed it with journalists afterwards and claimed the same things. For example read this story:

So, I think we should reserve judgement for later about this specific issue. Hopefully Nintendo of America got the facts right.

I won’t mind betting the Wii will be region free inthe USA, after all the N64 for was where you could play USA or Jap cart on it, diff story inthe UK. I expect it to be the same again and also for the PS3 to be honest.

Yes but the point is they say it is up to the software if it’s locked or not, not the hardware. If that’s the case, then American and Japanese imports will be unlocked and fully playable on a European Wii…

And I just can’t see that happing to say the the truth about from 1st party titles . There’s no way most corps would want to lose out people getting cheap USA imports .

This isn’t bashing the Wii or PS3 btw , Just that I have so little faith in any machine being region free for Europe , not even the 3DO was With some Pal games not working on NTSC machines or Vice versa . And I’m still laughing @ M$ promise of it being up to the developers only to region lock some of Its In-House games

Local small game & anime retailer. =D I think it helps to buy from a small business as they don’t get told what to do by higher ups. (And thus, still have a healthy amount of Gamecube, and heck, even Sega shelfspace)

PS3 forever!!!

PS3 forever=empty pockets forever :anjou_sad:

Wait, wasn’t PS2 supposed to be forever?


PS3 forever=empty pockets forever :anjou_sad:[/quote]

lol true but hey who cares?

Out of the two new consoles coming out, the probability of purchasing a Wii is considerably higher for me. It has more games that I’m interested in, a better price (for what it is), a much more revolutionary controller, and most importantly is all about enhancing the way games are played. When the PS3 price comes down and some games that I want start appearing on it, I’ll probably get one… but at the moment, the PS3 is looking too much like Sony’s way of pushing BluRay onto the market, rather than a solid attempt to deliver the next generation of gaming.

Without trying to sound like a fanboy, at least Microsoft has done a reasonable amount to push online gaming forward with the 360, and has created a really user friendly integrated online gaming network. What is Sony doing to enhance the way games are played besides giving the cell chip more cores and the optical media that the games are stored on more storage space?