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More to come I guess :slight_smile:

No. No.

The idea that Sonic is wielding Excalibur is just a bit too much for me to swallow. To imply that Sonic has transcended the cosmos into our universe and history is just… preposterous.

Why are these people set on ruining my childhood? :anjou_sigh:

On the upside, though, PE 3rd Birthday makes me want to dig out my old games.

Hasn’t Sonic been into “our” world since Sonic Adventure or close to that? :stuck_out_tongue:
I think it’s better to hold a sword than transform into a werewolf and a beat em up game.
He still has his spin attack and stuff like that at least. Visuals are good and it’s speedy.

Hasn’t he been in our world forever in Japan?

Damn SOJ, ruining Sonic for the rest of us :frowning:

In Japan, the Sonic games have always taken place on Earth. Mobius (or Moebius) was created by SoA, the cartoons, the comics, etc. Hence why the original MS games refer to the game world as “South Island” and not “Mobius”.

The US and PAL Sonic’s were “relocated” at the same time they tried pulling Eggman and Robotnik to the same person.

“Original MS” I hope you are not inferring that they made the Master S?ystem versions first ;p

In fairness, I am pretty sure Excalabur never existed in the real world as much as it was part of a legend?

Also didn’t the US version of Sonic get released first? Making it as “original” as one could get? Not that Mobius was mentioned in the US manual…