Wii browser vs PS3 browser

I find it even more infuriating because Sony consoles have been home to some really amazing, one-of-a-kind games that everybody really should play - games that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the great Dreamcast, Snes and Saturn games - then people like him come along and undo any positive impressions.

Still, it’s the same with all irrational fanboys - their over the top, one sided thinking actually ends up driving any potential fans away from whatever it is they love so much. Which thinking about it is probably what they want, as these newcomers would not appreciate the game/console/series in the same way they do.


N-Gage anyone?

I never said such ludricrous things!

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PDS still wipes the floor with it though

Kimimi, as you say the Playstation platform has delivered it’s share of phenomenal games. But the ‘volume’ of Sony die-hards who feel so strongly that phenomenal games could only be on a Playstation, that they convince themselves it’s actually true…

This is what truly separated a Sony Whore from any other variety for the last ten years or so… it’s rare to see anyone bashed just for owning a Playstation, or even for liking a game because it’s on a Playstation. Sony fans have never had to feel like they were in a battle for their very existence. In that sense no one else could ever be so offensive.

At least not till quite recently…

I got nothin’


PDS still wipes the floor with it though[/quote]

lol, it sure does Jimkemon, it sure does :smiley:


you do realise this doesn’t go down well with anyone here :anjou_sigh:

you’re funny[/quote]