Why would we want Panzer Dragoon to return?

A French-language article about the Panzer Dragoon series:

The title translates to “Why would we want Panzer Dragoon to return?”

Panzer Dragoon deserves one more shot. It needs to return. I think the potential for an Open world Panzer Dragoon RPG with all of its lore, would be amazing if made today. I just got done playing Outcast: A new Beginning (You should check it out Solo) and it was reminding me so much of Panzer Dragoon. If the level of detail and mystery was there, a new rpg could be amazing!

They would have to figure out though how to not make repetitive activities. It would have to try to reinvent itself like Breath of the Wild did.


I think a good way to do it would to be remake Panzer Dragoon Saga with the Dragon engine

Selfishly, I think rail shooters in general would make a neat benchmark program on PC. Due to their design, you’d get consistent results + fun gameplay.

This series would really shine with proper ray tracing, too.

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While I’d like to see a new RPG or remake of Saga, a shooter would be easier to produce and therefore more feasible as a re-introduction to the series.

For a new game, perhaps some kind of middle ground, where you have a free flying game with on-rails sections. I don’t think it should have turn based combat.

Most importantly, the Panzer Dragoon series built a unique and fasinating world that deserves to be continued.

The trouble with a shooter is I doubt it would get a serious AAA budget. I much rather a shooter but they don’t sell in big numbers today.

I think a remake of Saga would get a bigger budget and push from SEGA

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If they made a shooter it would just go under the radar just like Yu Suzuki’s Air Twister did. And then the series would be forgotten again. An rpg or open world game has more staying power and would appeal to more people. But, I agree the best we could hope for is a Saga remake.

Even so, I’d prefer a new open world or rpg Panzer game. Then, if it fails at least, we’d have a giant world and more lore to explore with today’s technology. I like the Panzer shooters, but a shooter barely lasts an hour and is a waste of time imo. Unless, they have tons of side content like Orta, it’s not worth it. And looking at Air Twister as an example, that game offered nothing, but forcing the player to die over and over again so we’d have no choice but to use their forced level up system.

I don’t think it’s fair to look at Air Twister for many reasons but most of it all because it was made for a mobile.
but I agree there wouldn’t be a big enough market to make a AAA lavish Panzer Dragoon shooter by SEGA in this day and age

I would love to see a reboot of Saga like SEGA did with Sakura Wars on the PS4 and you could also add in a few levels that play like an old Panzer Dragoon shooter and mix it up a little.