Why is it that FF7 Fans

are so mean? All I asked was a simple question on the DA forums and also requested not to be flamed. A lot of people agreed with me which I think is good. But then this one guy named “she-called-me-mikey” got really defensive when I said that I didn’t like the story, so he starts to flame me and accusing me of never even playing it. And when I tell him that I gave up after five hours, he somehow thinks that I should have kept playing after 5 hours (FIVE HOURS!?!?! MY GOD!) because if a game isn’t good after that long, you should still keep going lol. Here’s the link and tell me what you think http://forum.deviantart.com/entertainment/gaming/467895/ I am obviously szeit-hierophant

I guess it’s similar to us saying anyone who didn’t enjoy PDS is a retard.

Its really crudy…

You would never see me saying that.

I wouldn’t say that either, especially since I never had the chance to play it

Don’t you think it’s a bit of an overexageration to say that “FF VII fans” are mean just because of one (or several, or many) bad experience? If anything, the “mean” people are the most vocal ones so you are most likely going to deal with them when you say something bad about something they like. The “nice” fans won’t really care, most likely they won’t even respond as they’ll understand it’s a matter of taste and that not everyone can like what they like…

So I guess a rephrasing of your question would be “why are there rude idiots on the internet?” or something along those lines.

And the answer would be, because rude idiots just plain exist and they go to the same places as other people, off or on line.

On another note, while I agree with you in that the story wasn’t anything special, I don’t think you should comment on the actual whole story when you’ve only experienced the beginning of it all. As we all know, in most (every?) RPGs the story changes dramatically after a while and becomes a lot more complex and intriguing (not saying this happened with FFVII btw). So I don’t think it’s actually fair to comment on the whole thing other than saying it wasn’t good enough to make you keep playing. And that doesn’t mean that I think you should play it more either, if it’s not your kind of thing feel free not to.

I hope I got my point accross properly.


yea you did. But I do know a lot more than what I played because my friends are avid FF7 fans, and have to tell me everything about it and show me all the cutscenes (btw, if i see aries die one more time I will explode!!!><)

Well it doesn’t mean your friends are doing a good job in describing it, I’m sure my 13 year old cousin can make Panzer Dragoon Saga sound pretty bad if he attempts to tell its story :wink:

And the FMVs were mostly some important moments, usually without even any dialogue. The plot was advanced mostly with the in-game engine if I remember right…


You would never see me saying that.[/quote]

Yes, I know, but my point was that PD also has fanboys.