Who's your all-time favourite video game character?

**As in the title, any and every reason is acceptable, but it can only be one.

As, yet I am undecided.


Sonic the Hedgehog

I own well over 100 issues of the Archie Sonic comic series (and it’s spin-offs) and six Sonic DVDs from every series except AoStH (unless you count Sonic Christmas Blast).

I have all the Sonic music from Sonic 2 and the TV shows… ahh the memories.

Hmmm Gotta be NiGHTS. I love that guy

sabu the street urchin from bangai-o :smiley:

i had him as my avatar for a while, i’ll change it back to him soon.

Well the coolest character ever is Ashley Riot from Vagrant Story, but i’d probably go with Mario, Link, or Sonic. Yeah, i’m a fanboy.



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Sonic, with Master Chief a close second.

Lundi… With Ryo a close second…

Locke Cole from Final Fantasy 6, with Ashley Riot from Vagrant Story in a close second.

Villian Wise, Kefka from ff6.

[quote=“Atolm”]Locke Cole from Final Fantasy 6, with Ashley Riot from Vagrant Story in a close second.

Villian Wise, Kefka from ff6.[/quote]

Glad to see someone else who appreciates VG. Definitely one of THE BEST action RPGs ever made. I loved every part of that game. Awesome, awesome battle system. I loved the weapon/attribute system as well.

I should play through VG again :slight_smile:

Ooooh… a tie between Rouge the Bat and the Nemesis from RE3 :smiley:

Vagrant Story. ahh, the memories…

“Reinforcements? I am the reinforcements.”

Ashley Riot, the ultimate badass.

Vagrant Story was indeed great but if they make a sequel they better lose the block puzzles and put some logical ones in their place… The game ended up feeling like a puzzle game later on with block puzzles in every corner. The combat could use some spicing up too, it got tedious after u got the hang of it and ended up as just a matter of doing a gazillion chains until you got bored of all the misses, then using a risk down item and repeating. It’s best assets are the story and the art style which were what kept be playing after I was about half done. It’s one of the few Squaresoft games I’d like to see a sequel of along with Xenogears and FFTactics (True sequels, unlike xenosaga and fftactics advance - Though I wouldn’t mind if the stories weren’t exact continuations as long as they were as great and in the same style)

It’s difficult to say who the ‘best’ character is. For personality and actual ‘character’, I’d go with Aika from Skies of Arcadia or perhaps Edge from Panzer Dragoon Saga. For design, I’d go with Azel. Also Axel Gear from Rocket Knight Adventures was a well designed video game character.

Personally, I like Azel. She just struck me as a pretty cool character.

Other than that, I like Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII and Delacroix from Chaos Legion…

Talking animals, crazy white haired men with nail polish, and drones. I have a weird taste in game characters, and apparently, an even weirder taste in games.

I really enjoyed Drachma in Skies of Arcadia. But my all time favorite would have to be Twinsen, from Twinsen’s Odyssey if ANYONE here has ever played through that game.

Villian wise I thought Pope Zera from Grandia II was soo messed up it was cool.

Ha I’ve seen Twinsen…

Hmm…hard choice.

I’d have to say…Sonic with Synbios from Shining Force 3 straight after.

Liked sonic too many years just to abandon him now!

Sonic is my favourite hero, Ramirez is my favourite villain.