Who's planning on getting a Xbox 360?

Are you guys hyped?What games are you looking forward to?

Yeah, I am definitely psyched about this. The games I know I want to get for launch include Kameo: Elements of Power, Call of Duty 2, and Condemned: Criminal Origins.

Kameo reminds me of the games Rare made back in the N64 days like Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, and Donkey Kong 64. I would already have Call of Duty 2, but my computer is anything but capable of running it, and Condemned looks like nothing else really out on the market.

The only other game I am considering getting is Project Gotham Racing 3, since I am a racing fan. Maybe Perfect Dark Zero, but I want to hear how it turns out first.

Yeah only 13 more days here. Coincidently the day it is launched is the day my mini-break for Thanksgiving begins from college, so i’ll have a long weekend of gameplay ahead of me.

I’ll be buying an Xbox 360 eventually, yes. However, since I’m so pre-occupied with World of Warcraft at the moment, I don’t see the rush.

I wont be buying any next gen console for atleast a good few months after all of them have been released… I’m in favor of the Rev for now if only because it looks like it will offer something different from the normal and atleast Nintendo is bound to make some pretty awesome games for it… And hopefully the rest big developers will follow suit with atleast one cool title for it… I look forward to seeing what Sega can do with a system like that too…

Yeah I will be eventually but it’s more for the hubbie than for me - FPS’s are ok but not really my thing and if I’m going to play a racing game I have way more fun on Daytona or Ridge Racer than on all these boring “realistic” ones. The only reason I got an Xbox myself was for Panzer Dragoon and Steel Battalion, it’ll take software of that calibre to get me excited about the 360, and I don’t see it coming.

Oh I can’t wait .
Love hardware launches even if I don;t buy the Hardware, I just love reading and looking at vids of them ect.

Yes I’m getting a 360 (Prem) along with PGR3 , PDZ and Kameo, and can’t wait.
Now just hope and pray that SEGA Japan will use the system for some Out Run, VF and Sega Rally goodness

I was going to get one at launch, but since the release date for Oblivion has been pushed back, there aren’t any launch titles i’m particularly interested in, so i’ll probably going to wait a few month before getting mine.

I won’t be getting one straight away. There’s still a few games that I want to play and finish from the current generation, so I might as well play those titles first before splashing out on a new system and then going back and finding the graphics of the current generation less impressive than I remembered them to be… there’s something to be said about playing games when they’re still reasonably “fresh”.

I think I’m more likely to get an Xbox 360 when something that I really want to play comes out on it… for example, Halo 3 or a new Panzer Dragoon game. Games like Perfect Dark Zero, Oblivion, and Condemed all have me interested, but they’re not quite “system sellers” (for me, at least), especially when the latter two are multiplatform titles.

I incline towards Solo’s disposition myself. I probably shall acquire an X-Box 360 eventually, but seeing as I entered the previous console generation extremely late (I only acquired my vanilla X-Box last Christmas!), and also because I have a good number of games that I need to finish off on it, my promotion to the new generation will have to wait.

Im waiting to see how the RARE games turn out. If theyre special Ill probably get a 360 a few months after launch. If not theres not much else to grab my interest at the moment.

Is Condemned really a multi-platform game? I heard that it might be coming out for the PC, but lately I can’t find any information supporting that. Maybe it went exclusive.

And Kimimi, Ridge Racer 6 is a launch title for the 360.

I never buy consoles at launch, but I’ll definately pick one up eventually. I’m interested in quite a few games (especially Perfect Dark Zero), so once it gets down to a reasonable price I’ll check it out. Wonder when it would drop in price though…maybe when the PS3 is released?

I’m likely to get all 3 next-gen consoles at or around launch, even though I’m not likely to play that many games it’s sort of the principle of having the cool new toys I guess.

No matter when PS3 launches I don’t imagine there’s anyway we’ll see an outright price drop on 360 before next holiday season, though I’d be surprised if the price wasn’t ‘normalized’ to $299 US by late summer or so.

Unless PS3 actually ships at $299, which is all but unthinkable, I’d doubt MS will see any point in undercutting Sony for it’s own sake since it’d be almost like devaluing their product as a direct competitor.

Gamespot are still listing it as a PC game as well. As far as I know, the PC version hasn’t been cancelled, although it’s possible I suppose. It’s the type of game that should sell well on the PC, so I don’t see any reason why they would have decided to make it a 360 exclusive. Perhaps Abadd can shed some further light on this.

I cheked Gamespot as well, and while they do list Condemned as a PC game, if you click the link it just goes here:


Interesting, I guess we’ll see.

Let there be light!

Does that help? :smiley:

Actually it just stretched the webpage for me :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways I’m hoping to get a X360 in an year or so.There are definatel a lot of games I’m looking forward to…namely :

Dark Sector
Mass Effect
99 nights
Gears of War
etc etc etc

99 Nights does indeed looks amazing, i’m pretty sure it already went gold in Japan, so hopefully a US release isn;t over a year away.

I don’t see any game that would make it worth buying the system at launch, though I’ll buy one eventually. I’m curious to see just how good games like Condemned, Perfect Dark Zero and Gears of War will turn out to be.

Abadd’s image no longer stretches the screen now. >:)

But anyway, I think I’m going to wait until the Xbox 360 drops in price before buying one. Condemned (a first person murder mystery) and Resident Evil 5 (which will no doubt make make boring old zombies seem new again) have genuinely intrigued me.