Who's getting the Wii tommorow?

The wait is killing me. Thankfully I reserved the Wii along with Zelda. Also, Gamestop is opening at midnight, so I’ll actually be able to sleep tonight knowing I have the Wii in my possession, or not… :anjou_love:

I cancelled my preorder when I remembered that the only game I wanted was also coming out on Gamecube.

Yeah, according to Gamespot’s review, Twilight Princess is still a Gamecube game at it’s core, with the Wii features more or less tacked on. So for Gamecube owners it might be a little hard to justify getting the Wii straight away. Still, there are some great looking games on the horizon, such as Metroid Prime 3.

I haven’t decided whether I’ll get one at launch (7th of December here), but no doubt I’ll pick one up at some point. The Wii looks like too much fun to pass up.

Well don’t base everything on one review, 1Up for example think that the new controls do add to the game and don’t feel tacked on.

But yeah, it was never going to be anything more than a GC game with adapted to the Wii controls so if anyone expected more then he’ll be disapointed. If you can be disapointed with a game that can last over 40 hours with new things all the way through and very little backtracking (as 1Up says).

All I have to say is: the Gamespot review is totally wrong. The controls feel just fine, and really immerse you in the game. I would never play the Gamecube version after playing this. It’s just awesome. So yeah the Wii rules so far. :anjou_happy:

You can all disagree with me, but wait until you play it.

So do you guys think it is worth getting the Wii (now) for just Zelda alone?

IMO, the Wii doesn’t seem to have any killer app launch titles built exclusively for it like Super Mario 64, Sonic Adventure and Halo for their respective systems. Besides Zelda, there’s no system sellers (for me) at the moment.

By the way, will you/did you get one at launch, Al3x?

I’m not getting one at launch (I believe it’s coming here in December), but only because I have more importand things to spend that money on at the moment. I don’t have a GameCube and so Wii Sports and Zelda alone would be worth it to me. More games are coming and the price won’t be going down soon either so there’s nothing to lose.

Red Steel might also be good. It got a rather bad review on GameSpot but all other publications seem to rate it good so I have no idea what’s up with that. For example, CVG gave it an 8.0/10 calling it the second best Wii title after Zelda.
computerandvideogames.com/ar … ?id=149376

Then there are multi platform titles like Call of Duty 3 which according to various sources while it lacks in graphics on the Wii, the new intuitive controls do provide a more visceral experience.
metacritic.com/games/platfor … allofduty3

As for killer titles, well, the Xbox 360 just got its first in my opinion, with the release of Gears of War. So I’d say there’s time for Nintendo and I don’t think they will disapoint with games like Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 coming in a couple of months.

This may help some.
computerandvideogames.com/ar … ?id=147292

It’s virtually never worth buying a console for one game. Saturn/PDS and Xbox/Ninja Gaiden are about the only two I can think of.

So, who has a Wii? I’m very curious to hear what people think of the controller. Quality of Zelda aside, what do you think of the new control mechanics and the sensitivity of the controller?

I want to know what you think since I imagine you’ve already played it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just glad to see that most of the press likes it. Earlier I said CVG loved the new controls and IGN’s review states similar things and claim theres “no going back” to the old system.

But, there’s also the naysayers:


I can certainly see the Wii being much easier for non-gamers to pick up and play. A child can work its controls… as long as the game is built for it. I’m not sure how willing game companies will be to try to move away from traditional games and try to create something new that will appeal to non-gamers… or whether or not those non-gamers will respond to the messaging behind the new games and actually buy them. $250 is much cheaper than the competition, but for people who are by default not interested in games, that’s still a sizeable investment.

As for my opinions… to be honest, the last time I picked up the controller was several months ago. I was told at the time the controls wouldn’t be tweaked much beyond what they were at the time, and I have concerns. Also, setting up the system was a bit of a pain - getting the distance and angle right, trying to figure out why the sensor bar wasn’t detecting my controller when I was standing right in front of it, etc. I haven’t been able to get one into my home to test it out (for obvious reasons), so I haven’t been able to do “real” tests on it.

That being said, it has potential. The obvious problems need to be overcome (limited range of motion of the human wrist, the variety of setups of people’s living rooms, etc). We have yet to see games for the system that are more than a simple replacement for a mouse or analog stick. so the potential is still largely untapped. The current bunch of games that pretends that the controls are much more are actually asking the players to invest more (or suspend their disbelief a little more) than they used to. Take Warioware, for example. A lot of the minigames are more fun when you use the controller in very specific ways, but the motions are unnecessary (like the minigame in Warioware where you have to balance the broom on your hand… you can do it that way, or you can play with two hands which is much easier).

Heh… Starting to ramble now. Focus! So, in short… it’s got a shakey thumbs up from me. It has potential and I salute Nintendo for trying, but I have yet to see anyone really do anything with it, 1st party included.

Well, I have no doubt that more than one quality title will come to the Wii, it’s just that at present the only game that I’d probably buy (if I had a Wii) would be Twilight Princess. It just happens to also be a Gamecube game.

I wonder how many people would have bought Super Mario 64, if it had been much the same as Super Mario World, but with the option to use the analog stick? I’m still sceptical that the Wii enhancements to Zelda would be worth the price of a new console. The Wii could have done with a more definitive first party launch title IMO (although, like Al3x said, the 360 falls into the category also).

While we’re on the subject of the Wii, this video gave me a few laughs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJp4hiMy4d8) :anjou_happy:

if i got a wii, i’d like to give it to my mother to try and play
like abadd said about it looking easy for non-gamers to pick up and play, i’d imagine she would enjoy it.

also the reason why h4rdc0re PS2 ‘only ever going to buy ps3 cos its the best ever console ever’ players will dislike the wii

I kind of want to nab one before Black Friday, but I’m not sure I have enough free cash at the moment. As has been said there’s not any real killer apps other than Zelda so I’m not in any rush, although I will be waiting till I get the Wii to try out Twilight Princess regardless, since I basically hate the 'cube controller so it could only be preferable I imagine.

Honestly I think the only really definitive true launch titles, certainly as far as 1st party goes, have been Halo, Mario 64 before that, and well… Super Mario World and Super Mario Brothers before those. Dreamcast had some signature stuff by the later launches, Saturn got Panzer Dragoon of course but it was not definitive in the sense of being a system seller, time will tell if Resistance actually fills the bill for PS3.

Still it’s very much the exception for any system to get even a single launch game of “triple A” caliber.

[quote=“Abadd”]But, there’s also the naysayers:

I wouldn’t trust GameDaily for anything after some of their recent articles that came to my attention, such as their lamest consoles top 10 with Sega Saturn in a prominent position. Sure they justified it by saying it’s because it didn’t sell well despite having a few good games. Still, if everything that hasn’t gotten great sales is “lame” then I guess Ico and Beyond Good & Evil are some of the lamest games ever. Not to mention there are many more systems that didn’t sell and could have made that list. Wonder Swan? Neo Geo Pocket? PSP (ok that sells but compared to the competition…)? Didn’t the Dreamcast fare worse than the Saturn as well?

Does anyone not think you’d look a complete dick playing the wii with the nun chuck controller? PS3 all the way for me! God I want Assassins Creed now and MGS 4 and DMC 4 and GTA 4. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Since when is gaming about how you look to others during that? Anyway, no, I don’t think you can look like a dick while playing with the remote or nunchuck. I don’t think any of the people on the following page look like dicks because of the control method, especially considering it’s the first time they use it:

Note it looks somewhat awkward in some of the Zelda videos, what with it being a relatively complex game and all. It looks best on the videos on the lower half of the page where people play Wii Sports, a much easier for beginners game.

Good, good but overrated, overrated, long over it’s prime. o: (Plus at least two of those games are heading to the X-Box 360 and other systems, Hideo Kojima even mentioned that it’d be perfectly possible/feasable to port MGS4 to the 360)

[quote=“Pedro The Hutt”]

Hideo Kojima even mentioned that it’d be perfectly possible/feasable to port MGS4 to the 360)[/quote]

That silly chap shouldn’t do this, it isn’t very wise and I don’t think it would be the best choice, of course he is entitled to change whenever he wants.

Easy there fanboy. How is he a traitor when the Metal Gear series started on the MSX and NES to start with? For that matter, how is he a traitor for just saying that the 360 could perfectly run MGS4 without any sacrifices? For that matter, he didn’t say that Konami WILL port MGS4 to the 360, he just said that the 360 is perfectly capable of it.