Who is this Panzer Dragoon Saga character?

Who is the character in the top left? I don’t recognise the face. Top right is Kou, bottom left is Fei, bottom right is Juba.

Also this character… Fei possibly?

For the first one the only possibility I can think of is Vaiman, but I don’t remember too clearly. No idea for the second… there’s some people standing / sitting around the big courtyard in the Holy District, might be one of them or someone else with not much character.

If you have a look at this picture of Viaman, his appearance is quite different, and no scar.

Perhaps the first character was a prototype Gash.

I’m currently renaming some of The Art of Panzer Dragoon images as I add them to TWOTA. Lagi used simple image names such as “townie” but I think we can do better. If I can’t figure out who the characters are, I’ll just leave the images named as “Panzer Dragoon Saga NPCs” and “Panzer Dragoon Saga Woman”.

Top left I believe is Aldo. After doing the Characters section for Oasis that was the only conclusion I could make.

As for the other one; I never listed her. I believe she is an unnamed character. When you first receive access to the Holy District, you can see two women sitting outside to the right.

I believe she is the daughter of the older woman…My only other guess would be Siffle the daytime gatekeeper.

Are you sure? He doesn’t have a scar/face marking in these pictures:


Actually, I’m less sure now; unless it’s a prototype/conceptual? Another thing to note is: almost all of the seekers have a line across their eye. It’s unfortunate but probably best to go with

“Panzer Dragoon Saga NPCs”

There has to be someone that can confirm these…

Another mystery is this guy:

Lagi named the image “bartender”.

Could that be the shopkeeper guy in the caravan? I don’t recall his name, seem to remember some bottles and stuff there as well though. Still he does look like a bartender, is there a tavern room in Seekers’ Stronghold, and/or is that a female there?

I would say proto-Juba.