White Knight, by Level 5

I think Oblivion just got trumped as far as presentation goes.

Right click and save… it’s a 1280x720 resolution video.

Dunno about you all, but I was pretty impressed, especially since the game’s only 10% done. The interactive movements in combat remind me of Knights of the Old Republic, with characters actually parrying and blocking. I eat that kind of stuff up. The combat system as a whole makes me scratch my head a bit though, as I’m trying to figure out how it works exactly.

Level 5 keeps trying out new stuff with each game release, which makes me very happy. Their abandoning cel-shading with this game is particularly interesting though, since they perfected the technique, though I suppose it would detract from the more serious look this game seems to be aiming for.


It does look cool. The combat makes me think of Vagrant Story in the way it seems to combine real time elements with turn based-ish attacks and such. Nice to see characters can work together too.

I watched the video stream from GameSpot. Here’s the link for anyone else who doesn’t want to dl a huge file:
gamespot.com/news/6158329.ht … bj=6158329

It does look very nice. I’m not so sure that the story will be anything special (it didn’t sound like anything new from the synopsis on Gamespot), but certainly from a graphical and combat perspective, the game does seem very impressive.

Hopefully this turns out to be true.

The animation looks very dynamic which is always a big plus for me, and the style looks sort of between Level 5’s established forte and something like Fable, less cartoon or anime inspired and more like a fantasy painting. Although it’s not cel-shaded it still exhibits some inheritance from the artistic sensibility L5’s previous games evolved, which is the kind of thing I really like to see.

3D has fallen into a real me too rut for visual style lately, either the well trodden pseudo-realism of most western games or in the case of many Japanese games the plastic doll anime look. On top of the nice style it’s got that professional sheen one expects from any A-list Japanese developer, I wouldn’t say the scenery looks anywhere near as immersively vibrant as what the Elder Scrolls games specialise in, so that’s a curious comparison, but it do look purdy.

Okay, watched the video. Great backgrounds. Some people are shouting “OMG BETTAR THEN OBLIVION!!!1!” despite the fact that there’s no indication that this game will be open-world… but whatever. The character designs are a bit, well, lackluster, but not bad by any means.

The combat looks interesting. Thought it was fairly generic until I saw the main character grab the enemy, and the AI drop-kicked the dude. Pretty good stuff. Dynamic, and shows a lot of potential variety.

Then it happened. He went “Power Rangers” on their asses. I honestly don’t know what to say to that. He is the White Ranger.

Rofl :anjou_love:

That trailer is positively morphenomenal!