Which other games use Panzerese?

In a few Panzer Dragoon articles I’ve read vague references to other games that use a form of Panzarese as the in-game language. I wanted to check out those games, but I can no longer find my sources, most likely the sites were abandoned.

Does anyone else have a list of those games or knows of sources that mention other uses of Panzerese?

I’ve never heard of any other (non Panzer) games that use the Panzerese language. Do you remember anything about the sources… magazine, website, etc?

I’ve never heard of that; I really doubt it. On a somewhat related note (I should know this): Is Panzerese spoken only in Saga’s intro (and outro?), and Japanese elsewhere, or was it also featured in other games from the series?

I believe it’s spoken exclusively in Panzer 1-2 and Orta and only in Saga’s intro and outro. The rest of the dialogue in Saga is spoken in japanese.

I really hope this language isn’t spoken in any other games. It’s part of it’s own unique world and mythology, and to have it spoken in “Generic FPS #37890” or something would just cheapen it.

This is giving me a headache - I was quite amazed when I read it and I wanted to confirm this information… now I can’t even find my source.

Best forget about it. :anjou_disappointment:

Really? I thought the first two were in Japanese, although I hadn’t heard anything regarding Orta.

Again, I really doubt it is.

Yeah, the first two and Orta definitely use Panzerese.

Although I had very little knowledge of Japanese when I first played Saga and assumed they were speaking Panzerese throughout when I was a kid. :anjou_embarassed:

I feel silly for not having been certain of that. Thanks for the info, both of you!