Which is the true ultimate Dragon?

Hi I just completed Panzer Dragoon Saga with the Light Wing Dragon. But I have been reading some of the very interesting theories on the sight that talk a lot about Solo Wing Dragon. So I was wondering which one is more powerful, Solo Wing or Light Wing Dragon?

The “power” of your dragon comes from how high your Level is;not from it’s transformation.

The difference between Light Wing and Solo wing is that the LW has no morphs while the Solo does (i mean attack,spiritual,defense,agility and normal).

So imagine your have 2 dragons : one is LW at level 45 and the other is SW at level 45 also.

The both and 500 (completely random number9 of laser power.But if you morph to Attack with your SW you can get a bigger laser power in that morph.But you can’t morph with the LW so you can’t max each of the morphs’ special powers.

The only thing better that the Light wing has is the ability to use every Full-Gauge attack,defense,agility,spiritual and normal special power and berserk.So even tho you can’t moprh into Spiritual you can still regain Berserk Points if you let 3 full-gauges “flowing” for sometime.And you can also use the Berserker Wing (name of the berserk power specific to the Spiritual moprh).

I know I dind’t explain this in a 100% clear fashion so …

If you model-change to the Solo Wing, you get a level up style increase in power, I think that’s what he means. I prefer the Light Wing for style but I usually go Solo for the tradition of it.

That was really really helpful battling Sestren. So it looks like light wing has a good advantage there. I also noticed when I had full gauges my health went up but I think that was because of Berserk Vampire. But I’ll play through again and get Solo Wing and judge for myself. BTW could someone tell me what the full gauge attacks were? I know attack was counter-attack and spiritual was regain BP but what were defense and agility?

Defense:Increases Armour rating
Agility:Clears any status abnormalities (stunned,poisoned etc…)
Normal:Regains HP

For me SW is better simply because the dragonmodels for each moprh are aweomse and because I never fight with the normal morph;most of the time anyways…

For me SW is better simply because the dragonmodels for each moprh are awesome[/quote]

Even Defense and Spiritual? In every form of Dragon defense and spiritual morph models look hideous while Attack has been pretty good but I love agility model in every form, I would use agility more often if it didn’t leave me very weak :anjou_disappointment:

Trust me thw Defense and Spiritual morphs are awesome.

I won’t spoil your fun when you finally get to see them.

Man, just save your game and give a SW a try…what’s stopping you from going back? :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, just save your game and give a SW a try…what’s stopping you from going back? :P[/quote]

I forgot that when you load your save game you’re still in the tower :anjou_embarassed:

Even though it would be far more effective to morph to a specialised form I could never bear to do so with Solo Wing, all of the sub-models look like horrifying clone experiments gone wrong to me… especially the agility form since Skydart is probably my fave dragon of all Panzer Dragoon time.

I still like Lightwing best even though it’s not as outright powerful, and the bonus of being able to use all five power-ups while watching the data orbs (thus losing no time on your official battle clock) makes it effectively just as powerful at Sestren, and I think more fun if you play things according to that strategy.