Which are the best top 5 tracks in the soundtrack?

I’ve been downloading the ST on my slow connection and so far have gotten 42 out of the 60.

I just wanted to know what are your top 5 tracks in the game. I know most will say, “Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu,” on their top 5.

I don’t usually go for soundtracks, much less for chip music since it’s either not as compelling when it’s not straight from the instrument, it’s only looped once or twice, or it’s a (usually lame) remix. So I don’t know the titles, but if you’re talking about just Azel/Saga music…

  1. Underground Ruins of Uru.

  2. Fleet on the Lake

  3. “Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu”

  4. Paet’s theme, of course!

  5. And I can’t remember the name of the zone for some reason, but it’s the “secret” part of the Forest of Zoah, where you transform to Solo Wing.

More or less that order, but those are by far the five most memorable tracks to me.

  1. Premonition of War

  2. Unexpected Enemy (not on the soundtrack, unfortunately)

  3. Interception

  4. Theme of the Red Ruins

  5. Vision I

My favourite tracks tend to change, so here’s the five that came to mind first:

Holy Chariot
A Premonition of War
Atolm Dragon
Transformation 1

Water Ruins
Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu
Hito Narazarumono (is that the correct title? weird…)
Noble Rebel Army

Don’t know which others… I like many but some are too short to list really, like Rendesvous with Destiny… I also like Town of Zoah… and others. Current top 4 will do I guess. If we are talking about the PDS soundtrack that is.

listening to this soundtrack brings a tear to my eye… i love this game, each time i hear this music i wanna go back to 1998 :anjou_sad:

in no particular order (sorry… chose more than 5… actually chose about 10 but couldn’t cut it down =P )

Ecce Valde Generous Ale
A Preminiton Of War
Pure Blood Seed
Atolm Dragon
Dragon Spirit
Holy Chariot

-Village of the Seekers
-Forbidden Land

But Vision 1,Tears,Imperial Air Force,Blak Fleet,Sestren,The Blue Ruins,Giant Warship are all very close…

Another vote for Interception and Atolm Dragon.

Also, Guardian Dragon (though I don’t know if that’s the name of the track).

And (again, can’t remember the track names), the one playing while you’re in the Imperial Airforce base and the two playing in your battles with the anti-dragons.

if you are talking about PDS music,then my favorite is Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu,Atolm Dragon and I think Ecce Valde Generous Ale.

What does ‘Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu’ actually mean, anyway?

“Art thou the Holy One”, I believe.

And “Ecce valde gernerous ale” is “behold the precious wings”.

EDIT: Heh, while i’m posting, I may as well give my top five:

Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu
Atolm Dragon
Pure Blood Seed
Forbidden Land

But the entire soundtrack is great. :anjou_happy:

These are the full lyrics (thanks goes to Duncan Burris):

Panzerese lyrics:

Caelum hume sitien taire
Vertus sahrel shamasantia
Ecce valde generous ale posselna volucritus
Sona areru ec paldeel?
Sona mi areru ec sancitu?
Ale posselna volucritus

Tenna prena posteri dire
Vertus narrel mea chorus
Aude valde generous sana fiare actertis
Sona areru ec paldeel?
Sona mi areru ec sancitu?
Sana fiare actertisia

Translated Lyrics:

In the sky, the earth, and the beloved sea,
The Knower of Truth hath appeared
Look - The precious Winged One takes flight
Art thou the bringer of ruin?
Art thou the holy one?
The Winged One takes flight

I shall tell you the wishes of time,
I shall sing the tale of truth
Listen - That precious voice spins the everlasting story
Art thou the bringer of ruin?
Art thou the holy one?
That voice spins the everlasting story

Mine would be

  1. Into the Promised land (Hauntingly beautiful).

  2. Rest (one of the greatest tunes ever !)

  3. Giant Creature

  4. Ancient Weapon

  5. Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu

I love this forum - thanks :slight_smile:

I’m going to have to start listening to my CDs again soon now! :anjou_happy: Anyway, here are a few “off the top of my head” (not necessarily my favourites):

Pure Blood Seed
Atolm Dragon
The Expected Enemy (really from Zwei, I know - but AWESOME!)
Ancient Weapon (naturally)
Holy Chariot

After intensive listening, I’ll probably comment further!

According to iTunes, my top 5 Saga tunes are -

Forbidden Land
Imperial Air Force
Giant Being 2
Atolm Dragon
Breath of Life

Which is about right :slight_smile:

If I look at Panzer Dragoon soundtracks overall, Altered Genos just knocks Breath of Life off the fifth spot (most played).

1.) Path to The Being
2.) Ecce Valde Generous Ale
3.) Water Ruins
4.) Premonition of War
5.) Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu