Where's the screensaver?

I did a search and I can’t find it… Where’s that awesome screensaver of Zwei’s ending credits? I want it back… Why isn’t it in the downloads section?

This was available for download from panzerdragoon.de. Lord Craymen might be able to give us an answer.

Not only did he have some nice screen savers, there were some great wallpaper-size images on .de that I STILL have yet to find anywhere else.

IWANTIT :anjou_sigh:

Hey Alex, have you contacted LC about this? He’s on ICQ sometimes (number in his profile). I’d happily host the screensavers and wallpapers on TWotA if he approves of it…

I don’t use ICQ :anjou_embarassed:

The ICQ client was horrible last time I used it. These alternatives will do the job, however:


And you can get a number here: