Where to get panzer dragoon's novels

Hello there.

I’m searching for azel PDRPG novel and the PDO novel, do you guys know a website or a place in japan where to buy them ?


The only one I know of is based on PDO and is entirely in Japanese, with only three pictures. So, unless you’re good in foreign languages, I suggest not getting it.

Actually, there is an Azel novel - and ‘K.F.C.’ has a copy.

you mean me? my nickname is “lordcraymen” by the way. yep and I still havn’t read more than the first chapter. they use quite a lot of exotic kanji…

a lot of…, yes.
They torture me, too. If I’m allowed to edit the novel, I use shorter sentences and dialogs, and prune away a lot of adjectives,:anjou_embarassed: but this is my subjective opinion. PDO novel is good. However reading it is inefficient except for persons who have much time or who can read lots of painful kanji.

and I didn’t read PDS novel. According to some Japanese PD fansite, It’s not interesting very good.

I know - I was just giving credit to your Orta surname. You can’t help but think Kentucky Fried Chicken when K.F.C. is mentioned. lol

[quote=“Taor”]a lot of…, yes.
They torture me, too.[/quote]

Damn, and why do I have to learn them, when even Japanese youths want to get rid of them? Btw hope we can meet when Klay is in Japan next time :wink:

Ms. Godai seems to like little-used terms and kanji for her exoticism.
So I think her style appeals to a number of fantasy fiction fans (If they’re fluent in Japanese reading.:anjou_sigh:)

Sure. Of cource.:anjou_happy: