Where is Edge

I have just read the Dragon Theory article and agree about the seperate dragons.

but one thing that has drove me mad since 1998 were is edge what happend to him did the hersey program transform him in to the orta dragon because at the end of PDS when azel is looking for him a dragons shadow passes over her.

A bit of a mad theory but just a thought.


please some one put my mind to rest.


Edge is dead. You need to remember that Edge was murdered at the beginning of PDS, and was only a temporary vessel for the Divine Visitor. Once the Tower Network was deactivated, the Divine Visitor leaves Edge’s body, literally abandoning him in the Sestren circuit.

ok so i get it the devine visitor is the person controlling edge I.e. me, but what of the hersey program all i can remember is seeing him and edge shoot along the sestren circuit in to a white light thats why i thought edge was still alive as he speaks at the end.

Also were did the orta dragon come from the dragon theory is that he is the pds dragon returned to earth by the hersey program but can that be right as the hersey program shows both the pup and solowing head just before it goes with edge.


So many questions so little time

Sorry if i’m being auquired. :anjou_sigh:

You don’t actually “need to ‘remember’” that, because it’s one theory, not something incontrovertible. Despite Kadamose’s choice of words implying otherwise…

One way or another it does seem clear that Edge - regardless what degree of Edge entered in the first place - never returned from Sestren space. Azel’s message to Orta in PDO tells that Orta represents the only part of Edge she ever did find. The other message, from the “Heresy Program” to the Dragon indicates that the dragon heard flying over Gash at the end of Saga is really the Dragon, only separated from the “Heresy Program”, and without Edge or any other rider.

It’s not at all complicated seen that way, except that it appears to conflict with your established idea about the end of Saga. All I can say there is that I don’t see how PDO leaves much room for the idea that Edge “survived” Sestren.

Also were did the orta dragon come from the dragon theory is that he is the pds dragon returned to earth by the hersey program but can that be right as the hersey program shows both the pup and solowing head just before it goes with edge.[/quote]

During “Memories” in Orta, there is that flashback with a golden Heresy Program (HP)(mirroring the golden Sestren dragon form seen in the FMV before the Sestren fight in Saga), the HP says something along the lines of, “So, you wish to go back, knowing full well that you may die…very well. Farewell, my other half.” This implies that the HP can remove things from Sestren Space.

If that’s the case however, why wasn’t Edge released?

Perhaps his injury by Zastafa at the start of the game was to severe, and that the Devine Visitor was keeping him alive; if he was released back into the real world, perhaps he would have died instantly?

I’m pretty sure that the injuries given to edge by Zastava have healed by the end of PDS. Edge is tortured by the empire with a archwelder and his injuries heal very quick. he (or gash, I don’t remember) thinks it might be due to his bond to the dragon. Most of the edge is dead from the beginning make it sound he was kind of a zombie, his body without working organs and a pulse. to me it seems more as if the devine visitor “influences” edge’s actions. because edge still has his memories and a will of his own (e.g. he wants to get back to the excavation site).

so maybe edge is literally revived in the beginning and the devine visitor keeps his spirit or soul or whatever connected to his body. in the end as the DV leaves edges’s body, this artificial connection fails. his sould leaves his body again and edge dies.

imho it might also be possible that edge didn’t have the chance and/or knowledge to leave sestren without the DV or the dragon. I think neither he nor azel considered that he couldn’t return with the dragon after victory, and that the heresy program woud just deactivate. if you see it that way, edge could still be living in sestren (hyperspace is a vast place after all) and azel simpy didn’t find him. the sestren filesystem might not consider a human as part of the system, so it probably was no use for azel to find him…

Rabbits came and took him to a mystical place.

My personal take on it is tied in with issues such as why the dragon can “synchronize” with humans when they shouldn’t be able to. I believe that Sestren Space represents the same artificial psychic frequency that the drones, ruins and monsters are tuned for. In that way it would have been only through the Heresy Entity the Dragon is able to synchronize with a normal human, and it was only because of that bond that Edge was able to maintain coherence in the realm of Sestren.

Once the Heresy Entity has to separate and devote all it’s power to the task of taking over Sestren… the Dragon itself, being in it’s native element as it were, was able to negotiate it’s way back to normal space. But without the protection of a direct bond with the Heresy Entity, Edge’s mind/soul would have no choice but to let go…

Granted the Divine Visitor angle is more straightforward, I just prefer not to dwell on that element since it has no real ties to the rest of the larger canon.