Where is a good online store to buy Dreamcast games?

I’m thinking of picking up a copy of the legendary Rez (PAL version) if I can find it. I found one store but it was still going for full price. Dreamcast games are usually cheaper than $US45.00 unless Rez is an exception of to the rule.

Also, Amazon.com is out of the question because they seem to refuse to send games over here (I couldn’t get them to send Jet Set Radio Future here).


It’s on the PS2 as well.

And if you don’t have one of those, you should!

Pick up Rez its definitely worth is. I have the PS2 version and its a blast. I paid somewhere near $50 USD and it was well worth. The quality of this game definitely justifies the price.

Heh, I’m on a retro fix just now, myself. Only I’m actually going back a bit more. When you can get megadrive games for ?2 from Gamestation it’s hard not to. :smiley:

Get Ristar! And Quackshot!

Played and finished both, and I can only buy what’s there :frowning:

I’m gonna get a Dreamcast one of these days so I can play Shenmue 1,Skies of Arcadia and maybe Rez.

Quackshot was hard. So what’s there?

Thanks for the link to eBay Shadow, but I’d rather buy it new so I can support the developers. I don’t mind paying full price for it (it’s still that price on PS2 anyway, isn’t it?). I just wanted to know if the game can be bought from anywhere for cheaper.

[quote=“Brandt”]It’s on the PS2 as well.

And if you don’t have one of those, you should![/quote]

I’m not going to buy a console for a game that’s already on a console I own… there’s no logic in that. Sure, there are a few other PS2 games I wouldn’t mind trying (ICO, for example, I’d dearly like to play), but they don’t justify the purchasing of yet another console at the moment. There’s no reason to get the PS2 version of Rez when it’s already on the Dreamcast and I already own the console.

lol, you try telling that to some people I know off of this forum Solo =P But yeah, you’re right. I’d rather buy a game off of ebay that struggle to find it anywhere else, though.

Which comment were you refering to?

I already know of a good, reliable, online store that sells Rez for $US45… it’s a good time to get it now while the exchange rate is so good (for importing) too. National Console Support is the store I’m talking about by the way… ncsx.com

I was referring to the comment about buying consoles for games you can already buy for consoles you have.

Care to explain then? Why would someone by a whole new console just for a game could already get for a console they own?

They shouldn’t. I was agreeing with you…