Where can I find that limited edition PD Orta figure?

Remember when the awesome cast mold of Orta and Lagi was up tor sale in limited quantities. I can’t find it anywhere; not even a picture on google for God’s sake…

I really want it, and I know it was crazy expensive too!! :anjou_love:

Is this the one?

thewilloftheancients.com/pro … tue_01.jpg

Yeah that’s it. Is there any way to buy it? Probably, not just thought I’d ask…

eBay is my only suggestion. It’s probably quite rare, however.

I only have this one. I’m willing to sell mine actually. I don’t think it’s particularly pretty :wink: same goes for my signed orta poster, I wish they’ve done better artwork for Orta…

farm4.static.flickr.com/3555/340 … z.jpg?zz=1


Woah, that’s an Orta statue I’m totally unfamiliar with. :anjou_wow: