When is a GameBoy not a GameBoy?

When it’s a GameBoy Micro!

If it’s a GAMEBOY shouldn’t it be able to play GameBoy games???

What Nintendo SHOULD be calling it, is the GameBoyAdvance Micro.

Why do you have a Gameboy game that’s over 10 years old if you don’t have an older Gameboy?

Why have to carry both a GBM and a GB if you want to play games from both? The original GBA and GBA SP do play GB games after all… It’s silly this feature was taken out of Micro. I really like the new design but it’s a great shame it lost the huge back catalogue of GB games that the GBA normally gets…

Because Nintendo made a commitment to making their GameBoy devices backwards/multi compatable.

Hence eliminating the NEED to keep the older devices.

And they pretty much stuck with it…till the GameBoy Micro.

(the DS doesn’t count, as it’s doesn’t bear the GameBoy family name)

But the DS still plays GBA games too… (Don’t know about GB games)…

Anyway, GBM I guess can be considered a knock off… I read somewhere Nintendo will also be shipping improved GBA SP units with a brighter screen…

The new models are backlit rather than sidelit so hopefully the colours won’t look as washed out. I am tempted by a Micro, but considering that every other Game Boy has had full compatability with other Game Boy games, it feels like a bit of a kick in the teeth.

I’m happy with my SP

The fact that the GBM doesn’t support older games kind of sucks, but honestly, I wasn’t going to buy one, anyway. I prefer the GBA SP, and I think the graphics and lighting on it are great. Plus, I prefer the larger screen to a really tiny one. That’s just me, though.

The DS plays GBA games, but I don’t think it plays GB or GBC games.