What's your Panzer Dragoon Saga strategy?

I like to train the dragon up quite a bit, Solo mostly likes to just bash through the game from what he’s told me before. Needless to say, we both like trying for 100% completion and zero item usage! :anjou_happy:

My own battling method is basically to train the dragon five levels at a time - level 5 before fighting the Baldor Queen, 10 before Arachnoth, 15 before Lathum, and so on.

Training before fighting Gigra is about as far as I’ve got recently, but I actually think I’ll have a game today.

Anyone have any tactics or preferred playing methods you want to share? :anjou_happy:

I once got (believe it or not not) level 42 before fighting the Gigra.After that I couldn’t be bothere to do more level up adventuring…

I usually stay in each area until I’ve got an “Excellent” battle-grade against every new enemy there (which usually makes me inadvertantly level-up a bit) and I generally fight the hidden Sand Mite and Kolba enemies a few times to jump up several levels quickly, as you get comparatively huge amounts of EXP for beating them. Apart from that I don’t find that levelling up is so important though, at least once you’ve worked out the best tactics against the various enemies. When I speed-ran through the game in 4 hours 44 minutes I managed to get an “Excellent” grade against each boss and sub-boss except two (one of them was the Arachnoth), and finished up with a Level 49 dragon at the end; the knock-on effect of getting an Excellent and loads of EXP from one boss seems to put you at a high enough Level to cope with the next area and the next boss, and so on…

But yeah, I don’t use limited-use items like Elixirs and Chips either; the game is so easy anyway that it almost feels like cheating. :anjou_happy:

I don’t have the patience for leveling up or excellent ratings. I pretty much just burn through for the plot.

I burn through the game as well, simply because the game is generally too easy, sadly. Easy enough without doing extra leveling.

I level up to 7 before fighting the Arachnoth, then play through the rest of the game. I typically keep the dragon at normal class (100’s throughout) for the whole game. That way, I get my berserker spells in large clumps when I reach certain levels.

52, before going onto disc 2. That was before I had disc 2. I would have done more but I saved over the wrong file. :anjou_sad: