What's your favourite Panzer Dragoon scene?

Either a FMV or a simple gameplay cutscene just choose one and explain why.

PDS, Disc 3, in the tower, everything after Azel screams.

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The PD1 intro, cuz it pwnz!

(That, and it’s better than all of the other 3 games intros)

“I’ll bet he sh*t a brick!”

Nuff said.

[quote=“TheSharpEdge”]“I’ll bet he sh*t a brick!”

Nuff said.[/quote]

My thoughts exactly too Sharp!

I can’t really pick one scene…


[quote=“TheSharpEdge”]“I’ll bet he sh*t a brick!”

Nuff said.[/quote]

My thoughts exactly too Sharp![/quote]

Paet’s in it :smiley:

My favourite might be the PD1 intro but the scene where Zastava appears in Uru kicks major arse!

Hello everyone. This is my first post. My favourite PDS FMV is just after you defeat Atolm for the final time on disc 3. The sight of seeing Atolm turning into a skeleton and Grig Orig destroying Zoah in the same movie really sets the game up for the second best boss battle in the game (behind the Guardian Dragon).

Yesh and the scene afterwards (Grig Orig destroying Zoah is also worthwhile).

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One scene that sticks in my mind was the one that ended Disc 2 of Saga: where Edge and Azel had just escaped the Underground Ruins of Uru. Instead of remaining his ally, Azel told Edge that she was still going to kill him if he tried to interfere with Craymen again. I thought that was a particularly sharp twist, and it revealed the true (servile) nature that Azel was struggling against. That, and Azel swooping away into the mist on the enormous Atolm was a good cliffhanger.

I think the first part of the last boss in Saga (where you shoot those memory orb things) was pretty cool.

For me, It’s a toss up between the intro to PD1 and the scene in which Craymen’s fleet saves you from Grig Orig.

The PD1 intro, 'cause that was really my first contact ever with anything PD, and seeing it for the first time instantly hooked me for life.

The scene with Grig Orig because I guess I’m just a sucker for the good ol’ fashioned former-enemy-saves-hero-at-last-second thing. You see GO’s hp fill all the way back up, you get that sinking feeling that you’re in for another boss battle, and then suddenly out of nowhere the Black Fleet anthem starts up. Goosebumps. God, I wish I hadn’t left my Saturn at home.

Well I like all scenes mentioned here but I just don’t want the thread to end up having all the same scenes described so I’ll chose another one.
I really liked the part after the ruins of URU where you finally manage to escape with Azel and get all those feelings of relief and freedom being finally out of there, joining up with your Dragon again and taking to the skies…
And then that HUGE monster appears out of the blue (literally since it’s in the lake :P) and you are in for another boss fight with all the previous feelings mentioned collapsing as you flinch seeing the size of that thing and you get ready to confort your enemy :slight_smile:

Another scene that sticks in my mind the scene where Edge infiltrates Shellcoof and ends up being captured and tortured by the Empire. By the way does anyone know what the guard does to Edge what we don’t see?

The first time I saw the scene where Edge got tortured…I thought he became someone’s bitch, if you know what I mean. Me and my sick little mind has no boundries - hehe. Anyway, as it turns out, he was both beaten and probably burned with an iron poker (typical torture for information).

Tickles his feet :smiley:

As for my favourite scene, I’d have to agree with Arcie. Man, I love the sound of screaming. And when the armoured monster crashes down and massacres everybody… whoa…

I think the BEST scene out of the entire Panzer Dragoon series, thus far, is the forest area when you are about to fight Grig Orig. The burning forest, coupled with an awesome battle with Grig Orig and several pure type monsters…is something I still can’t seem to forget, even though it’s been about 2 years since I last played PDS. What a work of art.

I remember asking for opnions on this before.I heard some people saying it was obvious : he was beeing burned.

It’s VERY VERY strange.If he was beeing burned why don’t we see physical evidence?

My thoughts excctly. I would of thought if he was burned it would leave some kind of scar or injury. Anyway another scene which no one has mentioned is the scene in which Edge’s captain and mentor dies. It’s one of the more “emotional” scenes.

The intro to Panzer Dragoon is one of my favorite sequences of scenes in the Panzer Games. It just really set the stage for the game, and the music that plays as the dust blows by and you zoom in on the riders is just beautiful. The Sky Riders fight with the Dark Dragon is very nice too. Seeing Lagi cry as he (the sky rider) falls off to his death was just really well done.

Another favorite of mine is the FMV scene afte ryou beat episode one in PD where it shows the imperial fleet and presumably the emperors (pre grig orig) flagship (the ship with the 6 cones) . Theres just someting about that scene i like.