What would you want from a Panzer Dragoon movie?

I have been having this thought for a while thinking about how a Panzer Dragoon movie could be like. What do you think it would be like, would you want it live action or animated, how would they adapt the games story, which game do you think would work best as a film, Etc.

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I’d like a The Lord of the Rings trilogy style adaption of just Panzer Dragoon Saga. The game is long enough that it would need more than one movie, and while the story could be adapted in two, I think three would be a suitable number.

Movie 1: Discs 1 and 2. Disc 1 is quite short and wouldn’t take long to get through. Introduce key characters and plot, including additional scenes with Azel and Craymen, concluding after Edge and Azel escape Uru Underground Ruins. This would give important time to show Azel’s character and her interacting with Edge would be missing if the movie finished earlier.

Movie 2: Disc 3, particularly focusing on Zoah and the Empire. Include some additional scenes with both Gash and Craymen, highlighting their respective philosophies, perhaps delving into the events of Panzer 1 and 2 via flashbacks. There’s no reason why an older Lundi couldn’t be present also (perhaps helping Gash come to the conclusion about what needs to be done), as Gash was revealed to be the Seeker’s new leader in Disc 4. The film could conclude the same way as Disc 3, with Craymen and the Emperor’s deaths, and leaving viewers to contemplate Craymen’s philosophy and wonder what Edge will choose to do next.

Movie 3: Disc 4, including the off screen battle of Seekers vs creatures from Grig Orig, conclude after the battle in Sestren with Azel setting out to find Edge. Although Disc 4 is comparatively short, there is enough material here to expand into a full length movie, especially if there is more focus on Azel and her backstory, for example her time returning to Uru to contemplate her purpose.

Some elements, such as the Divine Visitor and various enemy encounters would necessarily need to be cut, but overall I’d like to see a faithful adaption of the story. The Last of Us has shown that this is at least possible.


Sorry for late response but yeah that would sound awesome. Though I am also thinking realisticly to. If they were to make a Panzer Dragoon movie I doubt they would do a trilogy, as a chance of one movie happening itself is pretty low. I think if they were to make a single movie then I think Zwei would be the best choice, with some changes of the plot I feel it could work great as a standalone movie.

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I think a major change for the movie that would need to be made is that the dragon would need to have a voice. But, make it telepathic. So we could build a stronger bond between Edge throughout the movie as they banter back and forth. Don’t make it a corny voice either; it needs to sound sophisticated but likable. If they pick Seth Rogan the movie can burn in hell though!

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Seth Dragon: “cough hey Edge what’s up? Don’t get mad but while you were talking with Crayman I was kinda like cough busy smoking a huge bong, so like I may not be flying right for a day or two (in Seth Rogen laugh) heh heh heh heh heh”

Edge: “ermm… that just happened”

Something that combines the desolation of Tsutomo Nihei’s style with Heavy Metal style vignettes. Art direction leading more towards Moebius.

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