What was this "Panzer Dragoon X" thing?

That whole “Genos: Panzer Dragoon RPG” hoax reminded me of something I’ve meant to ask here before. I’ve heard of some obscure old trailer dubbed “Panzer Dragoon X”, which has been varyingly described as a hoax, a very early trailer for PDO, early development FMV scenes for PDS, and other things besides.

I was wondering, what actually was this thing, and does anyone know where I can download it? It sounds intriguing whatever the truth may be. As we’ve just witnessed, even hoaxes can be worth the download time :slight_smile:

Does anyone know it or have access to it?


Yeah, there was an old movie, and we never were sure what happened with it. I don’t think you can download it now, though…


Many thanks, Solo. That clip certainly is intriguing - containing both Panzerish elements and something very different at the same time.

I’m still curious, though: do we know exactly what this is?

Is it simply a hoax like lordcraymen and SK’s recent extravaganza? I’ve searched around for information, and though I’ve only found bits and pieces, I have got some theories of my own regarding its origins… but of course, I’d like to know if it has been confirmed as fake. Or at least, confirmed as a game other than Panzer…

the world may never know…


Cool images Lagi.Thanx :slight_smile:

Who’s D.O.V ?

[quote=“lagi_webmaster”]the world may never know…


Thanks for the images, lagi - where did you find them? (And why are the copyright names blurred out?)