What was the last movie you've seen?

Everything from home TV to cinema just keep posting everytime you see a different movie.You can also comment on the movie if you want to.

March of the Penguins - Nothing else was at the theater that I hadn’t already seen. Surprisingly good too.

Ok TV lasy night was a film called Karma Sutra (well it was the last thing i watched!)
No idea what the story was about but there were a few good scenes >_>
Didn’t pay attention to much of it to be honest.

Gonna watch some episodes of Lost soon, got all the eps on my PC :slight_smile: (but i know that doesn’t really count as a movie…)

and actual cinema wise, I saw Green Street yesterday, film about football hooligans. Thats was pretty decent =)

I was gonna watch Karma Sutra, but Lost was on, so I watched that instead XP

Last film I saw was Troy a few days ago. Fucking amazing film. Brad Pitt and Eric Bana pull of their roles convincingly.

“All the Little Animals”.Saw it two days ago on TV.

It’s a movie with John Hurt and Christian Bale.Bale is a 24 year old guy who has some mental problems and runs away from his evil stepfather.

It’ was a very good movie even when it started getting a bit psycho.

The last movie I saw was… Alien, which I saw the other night. I’d already seen it years ago, but had almost completely forgotten the storyline.

Last night I watched Tetsuo: The Iron Man and Heavy Metal. I had seen Heavy Metal before.

Tetsuo is freakin’ awesome! It’s probably the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen, as a cinema major, that says a lot.

I just came back from the cinema.I wen to see “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

I never read the book nor did I ever heard anything about it (apart from the fact it was suposed to be quite good).The movie was great tho.

It’s one wild ride and the performances are all top notch.Zaphod just takes the price.

I didn’t like “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” it seemed to start off good, but then just seemed to not know where it was going, so they just ended the movie with some random finish.

But anyways, I recently just saw Secret Window with Johnny Depp, really good I must add, kind of predictable near the middle or so, especially if you’ve seen a lot of movies such as Memento or The Machinist…but good nevertheless.

The Crucible

I had to watch it in American Lit the other day and for some reason we just had to watch the black and white version so we couldn’t read the subtitles well with white on white most of the time. Ugh, so hard on the eyes. I don’t think my teacher thought it out that well when she chose that version.

Predator, seen it a million times but my roomate hasn’t, so we watched it.