What was that?

Sorry, could you say that again, it’s just i was daydreaming a bit there…

Hmm. Incubos. Relating to Incubi. So therefore it’s designed to f*** with our heads.

I’m sorry, where did you find this?


I made it, Neil. Sorry, I was going to edit this post to say, “Ohh I forgot, it was on the news section of some panzer site”, but you hsd already replied.

Oh, duh :smiley:


Grumble Damnation! You had me genuinely hoping that this was a genuine continuation for a second there. I’m not certain whether I should praise you for the obvious skill and professionalism with which you designed the hoax, Matt, or demand your head on a platter for dashing my hopes asunder in so dreadful a manner. :anjou_angry:

haha professionalism? a glow effect and a blur effect on the sega logos?
also japanese don’t write everything in katakana and not with spaces between the words.

nice try matt, but way to go. :anjou_sigh:

Did I just hear the name of one posing american band?Did I?

It was actually a greyscale posterize effect. A glow on the japanese writting, white of course. An inner bevel and extrusion effect on the incubos text, with a beveled texture layered ontop. The same bevel on the RPG text underneath. And I’m 15 years of age, working at GCSE level.

Hahaha, aren’t i brilliant?!

(That was a joke, I dont mean to be that far up my own arse)