What the hell is SEGA thinking?


This looked awsome, and the whole SEGA Reborn concept ?

Honestly, enough is enough, if SEGA is not willing to dig into the gold mine a little someone should just buy the IP?s and give fans what they want

A shame.

Excited to play the Castle of Illusion remake, and whilst I have no interest in Golden Axe/Shinobi/Outrun, I can’t say some other Sega franchises wouldn’t benefit from a reboot.

Umm, honestly there isn’t anything I can take from that video that I could feel optimistic about. It looks ‘nice’ like there’s a lot of work put into it, but is there any hint of the character of Golden Axe in it? Looks like a very generic, sluggish, connect the dots sort of stab at the genre. There’s only been a handful of western developers who have ever proven that they actually understand the true DNA of Japanese style beat-em-ups… and I can’t see any hint of evidence this crew might have. Plus the financial prospects for anything on Wii U are still not very good, even something / much less this niche-y.

So setting impulsive nostalgia aside, in this case at least, it’s kind of easy for me to imagine what SEGA might have been thinking. And not as the wrong call. /imo

The Ancient has a point here. However, even a generic hack-n-slash would be great. They appear to be a genre getting a bit of a renaissense, like the 2D platformer, what with games like ‘Dragon’s Crown’ and ‘thatotheronefortheDSIcan’trememberthenameof’.

Even an average hack-n-slash would be welcomed, considering the genre has been pretty much dead. Even the most average of games play well enough, 2 player at least.