What the HELL happened to this game?!

Seriously, it was supposed to come out in June! It’s almost mid October and not even an update…?

Do you think we really have to wait to play it on Kinect 2? If so, that’s unfortunate. It would be better if they just turned it into an RPG in the first place… :anjou_sigh:

I think it has probably been moved the Xbox 720/Kinect 2. If the rumours are true, Microsoft will be launching the new Xbox around Christmas next year bundled with Kinect 2. If so, they will need some Kinect 2-enabled launch titles. While it will be a pain to have to buy new hardware to play the game, it could also make Crimson Dragon a much better game. The Kinect 2 is rumoured to have much better response time, as well as allowing players to sit down while playing. If that’s the case, then having Crimson Dragon on Kinect 2 instead of Kinect would be preferable from the control point of view.

However… I am concerned about what else they’ll add to the game. Crimson Dragon: Side Story allowed players to buy jewels with real world money. It’s a horrible feature, similar to the insert coin to continue system found in arcade games. If the next Xbox hops on the free to play bandwagon, it’s possible that Crimson Dragon will adopt a similar system. As far as I know, there’s nothing like the “jewel packs” available as DLC on other 360 games, since DLC content cannot get “used up” (correct me if I’m wrong). But I think it’s likely they’ll roll out a similar feature at a system level with the next Xbox, for example the purchasing of in game items being built into the Xbox dashboard. I really hope Crimson Dragon doesn’t adopt this feature, but this is Microsoft we’re talking about.

The (likely) reason why it isn’t an RPG is because Futatsugi wants to make the RPG using a controller. If the shooter is designed to promote Kinect (and probably wouldn’t have been made otherwise), then we can likely rule out controller support, as well as ruling out a controller-only RPG coming first.

Hi guys,

it’s not the answer we’re all waiting for but I just saw this on XBLAfans :

[quote]Crimson Dragon delay down to Microsoft and not development issues

XBLA fans may be wondering what happened to Grounding Inc.?s upcoming Kinect shooter, Crimson Dragon. The spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon was expected to hit XBLA way back in June but was subjected to a last minute delay. Microsoft gave no indication as to how long the delay would be and concern has been growing. Yukio Futatsugi, a director at Grounding Inc., recently tweeted:

?Many people ask me on Twitter, ?What happened to Crimson Dragon?? Sorry, I can?t tell you anything yet. You should ask Microsoft. But we?re still working variously for it.?

Grounding Inc explained further,

 ?Microsoft has made this decision for better unfolding for this franchise. There?s not [sic] development issues.?

Shout out to @lifelower for the tip and translation.[/quote]

xblafans.com/crimson-dragon- … 60374.html

I hope they added villages or a few town hubs to the game. It doesn’t have to have heavy RPG elements. Just getting to talk to people and buy items for your dragon while learning about the world, would be very interesting. The next game is supposed to be an RPG anyway.

The most plausible explanation I can think of at this point is that the project has been moved to Kinect 2.0 on the Xbox720. If we assume that Microsoft is going to reveal the XBox720 with Kinect 2.0 next year, they’d want to show at least one game that’s not aimed at the casual gamer. I think they also realized that the first generation of Kinect is a lost cause at this point.

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