What other type of game could PD be?

We have seen the Panzer Dragoon series grace the rail-shooter genre with amazing success in gameplay terms, and has even brought new elements to the RPG scene with its unique battle system.

But if a new game is made in the series, what other genre would you like to see it occupy? Maybe a 3rd person shooter with limitations with on foor elements, a Tactical RPG perhaps, or if you really want to get creative a side scrolling dance/puzzle game with racing and monster collecting elements thrown in? Would an MMORPG work?

What would you like to see?

didn’t we have this thread 3 times + already?

Did we, I can’t remember, sorry for the repeat then.

Yeah we have… It’s been effectively extensively discussed as a Turn Based Strategy / RPG game (Fire Emblem style), a RTS game, a strictly adventure game, a mix of RPG/Action game in various ways (either leaning more to RPG or more to action etc), a Puzzle game (decoding/unlocking Sestren areas or whatever else), an arcade light gun game (multiple screens around you Ferrari 355 style sitting on the back of the dragon), a MMORPG, and other things I don’t recall at the moment… You can always dig up the threads and re-read them and comment on them Felix if you have something to add. They should be in The Holy District as well.

smutty volleyball game.

treasure-produced sidescroller.

Every franchise needs a party game anymore. Mario Party, Crash Bash, that four player Onimusha game, Sonic Shuffle (that one was really a piece of garbage.)

I guess I have to do more digging next time :anjou_embarassed:

I would like to see a PD SRPG, and whoever thought of the light gun game w/ multiple monitors is genius!!

One of those obscure RPG dealies?

ahaha, i had completely forgotten about that.