What name does the Panzer 'world' go by?

Fictional science fiction and fantasy worlds often go by a name to describe the place that the story is set in. This might not actually respresent an actual planet, but rather the set of locations that the story takes place in. For example, the ‘world’ of the Lord of the Rings could be Middle Earth or Arda, while for Star Wars it would be simply ‘the Galaxy’.

Did Team Andromeda (or Smilebit) ever give a name for the world that Panzer Dragoon is set in (in the games, or in one of the Japanese guidebooks)? I remember that ‘the continent’ is mentioned in one the games. Perhaps this is the closest we’ll get to a name?

That’s a very interesting question… I’m not at all sure I want an answer though. Just referring to it as this world or our world in context, kinda reinforces the absolute domain of Panzer Dragoon, in my heart anyway!

Just recently I was thinking of another curiosity: how do you think people get on the dragon? I couldn’t think of a single time we actually see any rider climb up there either… :wink:

Hmm. I think the two moons were named somewhere (might be wrong), but not the planet itself.

maybe they can be found in the novellas.

We see this at the start of PDS. It looks like the dragon just crouches down a bit:


Can you remember where that might have been? I don’t recall this…
except in Arcie’s theory.

The atmosphere of the Panzer world leaves me with the impression that just about every group/faction/whatnot has their own name for the planet they inhabit.

!SegaSegaSega! - official name of Panzer Planet as of now.

…Probably in the theory tbh.