What leading console best suits you?

Many of us bought an Xbox just for Panzer Dragoon Orta, but as Sega fans, no single console is home to all of Sega’s best games. Thus, we are forced to choose between them or buy them all if we want to enjoy every great game Sega has to offer.

My question is: if you could only own one console, which would best meet the needs of a modern Sega fan? Bear in mind that even if you could afford to own all three consoles, games aren’t cheap.


I think it would be Gamecube.I think it has a lot of Sega games
But then ageh I don’t know much about this.

For me it’s definately the XBox.I already got my pearls - PDO and Legacy of Kain : Defiance (which is the best game of all time after PDS!).

I suppose an Xbox conversion of Virtua Fighter 4 is out of the question? This game should’ve found its way onto the Dreamcast alongside Shenmue where it belongs.

The Playstation 2 may be a poorly designed, graphically-challenged and overpriced piece of outdated hardware that wasn’t built for durability, but it is, rather unfortunately, home to some great games, including some top quality Sega games. I’m tempted to buy one along with Capcom’s Devil May Cry (I’ll be the first to admit this game is awesome).

Sony thinks it can keep a firm grip on the industry by throwing money at top developers. Things are set to change. Capcom does not want Sony to monopolize the games industry but Sega can’t afford to ignore the huge Playstation 2 market. What a shame.

I can’t pick any console cos they all have a handful of games I really want…
Virtual On Marz, Ico, VF4 and maybe Shinobi for PS2, Zelda, Metroid, Resi series, Eternal Darkness for GC and lastly Orta, and some upcoming games for X-box
There’s other games too ofcourse but I can’t really think of any at the moment, they are again scattered on all consoles too…

I’m sticking with just PC for now =)

For the ultimate sega console I think that unfortunatelly it’s the PS2 for now. Things will change if a PD RPG is made however since even the rest sweet Sega games wouldn’t be much compared to that =)

Oh and, Dreamcast pwnz all so far ^^
Nevermind, Saturn pwnz all ^


XBox here too.

I had an Xbox for awhile, mainly for PDO and Halo, but got rid of it for a Gamecube. I really only have the money to own one console at a time, though I am thinking of repurchasing one, though. And PDO is currently in the safekeeping of my cousin, who I can probably buy it back from, so no worries there.

EDIT: And I don’t care what anyone says, I refuse to buy a PS2 until I can grab one for 50 bucks.

As far as Sega games go, I’d have to go with my GameCube. It has Skies of Arcadia Legends and all the iterations of Phantasy Star Online. It seems that new incarnations Sega’s older franchises are more likely to appear on GameCube or if they go multi-platform, they appear on GameCube first (as was the case with Sonic Heroes), so GameCube it would have to be.

Sonic Heroes was released simultaniously across all formats, at least in England.

Definitely a gamecube, followed by an Xbox, and then the PS2. I;m starting to enjoy my xbox more and more. Although i’m still a nintendo fanboy at heart and i dont regret getting a cube shortly after its launch.

I really hope the Playstation 3 doesn’t dominate the market with the same ferocity as the Playstation 2. Sony’s competition won’t quit at the first sign of trouble when waves of hysterical hype usher in its next console.

I personally hope to see more multi-platform titles from Sega in the future a la Sonic Heroes, although a few more Xbox exclusive titles that exploit the console’s graphical prowess would be nice.

Don’t worry.It’s like they say : everything that goes up eventually hits the ground.

Can you spell “Sega Succes”

*as in : megadrive’s hype versus saturn’s doom

There was a delay of roughly a month between the GC and the PS2/Xbox releases in North America. Not a big deal, but if that’s going to be Sega’s mode of operation for multi-platform releases the impatient might prefer a GameCube. PSO was also multi-platform, though it skipped the PS2. Sega released that on the GC first as well.

I’m not sure what other multi-platform games Sega is doing, but at least those two cases seem to indicate a preference towards the GameCube.

But the PS2 also has exclussive titles like VF4 Evolution, VO: Marz, Shinobi/Kunoichi and upcoming titles like Astro Boy (does it count as multiplatform cos of the GBA version?) and Headhunter 2 (I think it will be on X-box too? Not sure) while they seem to be saving just their cutesy platform titles for the GC what with games like Super Monkey Ball, Billy Hatcher and the re-releases of the Sonic games… Honestly propably the only Sega game I really really want for the GC is Skies Of Arcadia - Legends.

X-Box owns all of you!

The one with the games on it.

Well Xbox does have STEEL BATTALION. Which i now own :slight_smile: Steel Battalion is so cool. I have exceeded my gaming budget for the next few years :slight_smile:

You must have been saving for awhile…

Not really, just got off my arse and got a job.