What kinds of musical instruments exist in the PD world?

The only one I know of is the Verato Pipe, which is a musical flute from the lost village of Verato. Besides this (at least I think) there has been no mention of any other musical instruments. Besides musical instruments, the only other form of music that exist in the PD world is folk songs. In the Pandora’s Box in Orta I read that the newly formed Empire, consisting mainly of native people from a far off country, sung folk songs within the streets of the Empiral city.

I remember reading somewhere that the music in the games are “authentic” Panzer music, and the developers tried to use music that would come from this world.

Yes, the music in the games is very “authentic”. It’s one of the most original video game music I have ever heard. I’d just wish Team Andromeda included artwork which showed off some of the instruments found in the PD world. I bet they would have come up with some really cool designs.

There’s also the music box (the one that projects a hologram of the dragon), although it’s not an instrument as such. I’m not sure if you’d consider it’s existence cannonical, either, as it was kind of a bonus - but if you do, it seemed to be an ancient machine (perhaps one of Paet’s re-inventions, as it did come from Zoah) that was designed… as some sort of audio-visual device, I guess… shrug

Also, as far as the music being “authenic” to the Panzer world, that is (at least alluded to) in the notes on the soundtracks, which you can read here:


The second note on the Zwei soundtrack especially.

Well, we do hear two folk songs, I guess (Sona Ec Sanctitu and Anu Orta Veniya). By the way, my freind says that he didn’t like the music from the Panzer games since they were so different. That’s what makes them great, I say. The whole sereis is unique, really. The monsters are completely unrecognizable from any we know, a feat that is truly hard to accomplish.

The funny thing is: I never knew the ending songs for both PDS and PDO where sung in the Panzerese language. I found it profoundly interesting and cool! It just sounds so unique, alien, and just plain different. Which makes those songs exceptionally great works of music.