What happens if you don't kill the Gigralyth?

Once the Gigra appears, you can damage it before the Gigralyth has been killed. Can you eventually defeat the first form of the Gigra before killing the Gigralyth?

I believe they merge after a period of time anyway.

You call that merging?!?

I guess I’ll go and merge with my breakfast.

Have to admit though, technically it IS accurate.

Haha, yeah technically. It just doesn’t look like the standard definition of a ‘merger’.

In actual fact, it is the Gigralyph who controls the Gigra once they combine. It’s an interesting combination, one which reminds me of the drone/dragon relationship.

Combine is another word for merge. Thank you.

If you deplete the Gigra’s first health bar, it merges withs/combines with/noms on the Gigralyth anyway.

I can see it now…

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]

You call that noming?!?[/quote]

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some kind of mating process. Praying mantises exhibit a similar mating pattern where the female sometimes bites off the male’s head. It stands to reason that this could translate into the Panzer Dragoon world.

What other examples of mergers do we see in Panzer? There’s also the Light Wing/Pup combination at the end of Saga. I wonder if this means that the pup is in some way controlling Edge’s dragon (or the other way round?). Perhaps this idea of merging was an important part of the Ancient plan for environmental balance?