What do you want to see changed the least in the upcoming remakes?



Similar to the other topic, this one asks the question: what do you want to see changed the least in the upcoming remakes?

For me, it is clear that the visual art style of the Saturn Panzer Dragoon games should not be changed beyond what is needed to bring the graphics up to 2018 standards - e.g. not made brighter or more into the traditional anime style. This is something that could easily go wrong as the game is enhanced, but I believe it is crucial to get this right in order to create faithful remakes worthy of the Panzer Dragoon name.


I really hope they keep the colour palette. Comparing the Saturn entries with Orta shows just how different Orta looks compared to them, darker and more brownish (not saying it looks bad, Orta still looks gorgeous) but the original colour palettes are subdued and look like they’re covered with mist(which was mostly due to the hardware). And yeah, translating those low poly designs into something more concrete might be a bit difficult but I hope they pull that off as well


Art style. Lets see if they can replicate the art style correctly without everything looking too smooth or like plastic…