What are your 3 top games under Panzer Dragoon?

Mine are probably:

  1. Nights into Dreams
  2. Zone of the Enders
  3. Rez

Skies of Arcadia
Soul Calibur
TOCA Race Driver Series

Halo could be up there too I guess.

Ooh, hard to say, there are so many and the ones I list at any given time tend to depend upon my mood, but three favorites would have to be.

Skies of Arcadia
Chrono Trigger

And honorable mentions for Otogi, KOTOR and Morrowind, because I feel they should be mentioned.

very good topic :slight_smile:

for me probably

  1. NiGHTS into dreams…
  2. Sonic R
  3. Metropolis Street Racer

Like Drenholm said, it depends on my mood.Right now I would say (and excluding my other two idol series Legacy of Kain and Myst) :

1 - Tomb Raider 1
2 - Halo
3 - Fighters Megamix

Right now this is what my mood tells me :slight_smile:

Nights into Dreams
Sonic the Hedgehog
Ecco the Dolphin
(Prefer the classics to the newer ones for the last two though.)

  1. Shenmue II
  2. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
  3. Halo: Combat Evolved

Special mentions go to NiGHTS, Halo 2, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Tomb Raider and Shining Force 3 (Which would probably be on the list if all scenarios had been released in the UK).

Sigh. I was listening to some SF III music recently and had to force myself to stop because it’s so damn depressing (some of the Scenario 3 tracks are hauntingly beautiful).

Oh well. At least we can count on Sega of America to bring us such timeless classics as Shadow the Hedgehog!

Of course, Oblivion is a nice name. :slight_smile:

  1. [Insert any Zelda game here]
  2. Lost in blue
  3. Naruto: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu 3 (< Best game ever made A+++ would play again)

Damn. No room for The Lost Age.

I have way more than just 3 favourites, so this list is the first 3 that come into my head -

  1. NiGHTS
  2. Phantasy Star 4
  3. Sakura Taisen

A full list of every game that I love would cover everything from Silent Hill 2 to Katamari Damacy but those are the ones that I’m still happy to play through again now, even though I know them inside out.

  1. REZ

  2. Mario IV

  3. Exhumed/Powerslave

NiGHTS into dreams
The Longest Journey
Halo: Combat Evolved

I guess I’ll vouch for three of my all-time favorites since it doesn’t seem anyone else has.

Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century Combat and Ghost Bear’s Legacy
Dragon Force
Guardian Heroes

Thanks for all your responses, a varying smorgasboard of tastes! team Andromenda… a rez guy just like me… hehehehe


The Panzer Dragoon series isn’t the top on my list, but it’s definitely up there.

My top three are:

1.) Vagrant Story
2.) Silent Hill
3.) Virtua Fighter

Honorable mentions are: Metroid, and Ninja Gaiden.

  1. Vagrant Story
  2. Starcraft
  3. Sonic 3 and Knuckles

Ninja Gaiden Black would be up there somewhere, but I haven’t been playing it long enough to stick it on my favorite games of all time list. If I’m still playing it a year from now, it’s getting a primo spot.

Oh, and Mechwarrior 2 rules as well. Haven’t played it in forever due to it not liking Windows XP.

I’m really suprised by the absence of any FF game.

  1. FF6
  2. CT
  3. The Legend of Zelda

PDS is the TRUE #1, of course. :anjou_happy:

Hey you don’t want me to reply to that do you DivineDragon :slight_smile: ?

uh … what does that mean?

[quote=“DivineDragon”]I’m really suprised by the absence of any FF game.

  1. FF6
  2. CT
  3. The Legend of Zelda

PDS is the TRUE #1, of course. :anjou_happy:[/quote]

FFXII is - most certainly - a welcome addition to my list.