What are the exact steps for making copies of the PDS disks?

I was wondering what burning software is needed to make exact working copies of Saturn games preferably Panzer Dragoon Saga? I would like to make myself backup copies just in case anything happenes to my originals. I would hate to have to dish out over 100 bucks again for a new copy if mine wasn’t in working order in the near future. If someone could give me exact instructions on how to copy my game disks(software needed, where to find the burning software for free possibly, what is needed, complete easy to understand steps) that would be cool and greatly appreciated.

so is there anyone who can help me?

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I’m pretty sure this is way of topic here.

Actually it is not possible technically. On the outermost rim of the discs there is a “SEGA SATURN” hologram etched into the optical layer that can neither be read nor reproduced by a CD writer, it just can’t.
Apart from that you can use any CD burning software to make exact copies, but they won’t run on you saturn unless you use a modchip or the disc swap trick.

please remember that pirating game software is illegal, and as the situation in germany has become, also personal backup copies of games are not legal if they require additional modification of hardware such as modchips.

going ot - modchips were made illegal here in the UK this year too. Italy and Spain still have them legal though. Backups of console games are illegal too here I beleive.

Mod chips are illegal here in Australia now im pretty sure, however those boot discs dealies (like the freeloader for PS2, Xbox and GC) i think are still allowed (as our consumer watchdog deemed the region thing on DVDs and the like anti-competitve or something like that)

Wrong, I think. Sony made it illegal to chip PS2’s, but it is still legal to install a modchip in other consoles as far as I know. My local importer still advertises chipping anyway.

I guess, maybe that’s why UK online retailers of mod chips still operate unhindered.

My web searches came up fruitless regarding the UK status of xbox mod chips… only rumours and myths on forums and the news articles explicitly refer to PS2 only and don’t mention xbox so it must be still legal. It still hasn’t stopped anyone in the UK using a mod-chip though… “Microsoft has never said anything and has never sued anyone in four years,” says Chris. “It’s clear they’re not actively trying to protect the intellectual property of their developers.”

Or maybe they’re just being realistic. There’s so many methods of piracy in the world today that to work on protecting intellectual rights against all of them would require too many resources to be cost effective, and the prosecution of the pirates isn’t worthwhile either.

I live about 6 miles from the biggest piracy center in Scotland. I should know. The police raid there about once every three weeks and find DVD’s of films which aren’t even out in cinemas here yet. Two of my friends actively buy pirate movie DVD’s (which makes me physically sick, to be honest), their most recent aquisition being “The Grudge”, a film which is out in November IN CINEMAS over here. They saw RE: Outbreak before it hit the cinemas as well. I hate piracy to the core, I really do.

The only piracy I could defend in the slightest is the copying of unobtainable or unpurchasable CD’s (cough PDZ:AE cough).

How do i do the disk swap trick?

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Of course, you’ll hear people say ‘Well if you don’t like what they make, don’t play it.’ But it’s not about playing the crappy games; it never was. It’s all about rebelling against a broken, corrupt system that everyone is completely oblivious to.

In a way, piracy is kinda romantic. With that said, I am proud to be a pirate and an anti-capitalistic zealot.

What the fuck? NO. Why should a sleazy pirate get rich off of someone’s idea when they’ve gone to all the bother putting it together piece by piece, editing out the bad bits and then programming it?

Think about it this way. NiGHTS was a masterpiece. Pirating it wasn’t exactly “romantic”.

No, it’s all about making money off of other people’s hard work. There’s nothing romantic about being a lazy freeloading slimeball.

Unless you enjoy the film “Titanic” that is (referring to DiCaprio’s character).

Good point.

It’s a bit tricky. First, you have to open up your Saturn and tape back the switch that ‘knows’ if the CD door is open or not. That way you can swap discs without it going back to the no-disc screen.

First you have to get an original Saturn game (any game). Start the Saturn up with your copied game in it. When you hear the first loading sound, quickly replace the disc with your original Saturn game. When the second loading sound is heard, you can swap the discs again, and the copied game should load up like a ‘real’ Saturn game. As you can see, the process is a bit dodgy, and doesn’t work unless you get the timing exactly right, so if you can afford it, it would be better getting a proper chipped Saturn (that way you can play import games too, although the disc swap trick allows for that too…)

As far as I’m aware, backing up CDs (music CDs anyway, I’m not sure about games) is illegal here too, but modchips are still sold at a number of places, so I don’t think they’ve been banned… yet. Just like modding up cars, mod chips have their appeal besides piracy though (home brew games, anyone?)

What it’s legal to mod??Quite frankly I don’t if it’s legal or not here in Portugal but I DO know I always took it for granted (the illegalness I mean).

^^^ I beleive Portugal is next to Spain… I know Spain modchips are legal, maybe that may also be the case in Portugal.

My web searches came up fruitless regarding the UK status of xbox mod chips… only rumours and myths on forums and the news articles explicitly refer to PS2 only and don’t mention xbox so it must be still legal.

My Saturn is chipped, but the reason for that is so I can play the games at 60hz and also play Vampire Savior.

Solo how do I tape back the switch that ‘knows’ if the CD door is open or not. Do you mean open the saturn lid and tape it back or open the sturn up go inside the system itself and tape it back? is there a way to tape back the swith without taking the saturn apart?

You’ve actually got to unscrew the Saturn, which is why I’d recommend getting a modded Saturn over that…

panzerdragoon.net/temp/satur … _guide.rar

That guide will tell you everything you need to backup and play Saturn games without a modded Saturn. Pages 9 or 10 tell you how to do the disc swapping trick. If you do go ahead with it, I’d recommend using a cheap game that you don’t like much (in my case, I used Street Fighter The Movie).

EDIT: Arcie, do PAL games run in 60htz on a chipped Saturn?

Thanks Solo