GAHHHH!!! Galbadia Hotel has gotten rid of all Panzer Dragoon music!!! If this is permanent, I’m shit outta luck with my fan-fic. Help me out!

The Saga soundtrack is under A for Azel.

It’s too bad I looked there. It really is.

It’s not there anymore, unfortunately.

But why?! They also got rid of some other soundtracks!!! GalBADia has really let me down. :anjou_sad:

I had the PDO OST Bookmarked and when I went to the link it stated the following:

This soundtrack is temporarily not available due to hardware upgrades. Please check back later or view our other soundtracks.

So don’t worry the Panzer OSTs are going to come back after the sites hardware upgrade is completed. This happened before, and I waited patiently. Eventually the Panzer OSTs were put back up.

Didn’t see that message…okay. Yeah, it did happen before, took a while, but it came back.

So, which site is this? :anjou_happy:

Chupacabra all of the Panzer Dragoon Soundtracks are back up at Galbadia Hotel. Just wanted to let you know.

Do they have the soundtrack for zweii up there?

Concidering they’re saying “all” the Panzer Dragoon soundtracks are back, I would assume so.

The only Panzer OST they are missing, is the Zwei soundtrack, unfortunately.

No great loss. The music in Zwei wasn’t a patch on the stuff from the original and Saga. Orta’s was even less noteworthy.

You take that back!!

The first sentance anywyas :P…

I liked Orta’s soundtrack. I never played the game (unfortunately), but I definately enjoyed the music.

I much prefer the music in Zwei and Orta over the original. I thought the first soundtrack was a rather generic orchestra-lite style, but from Zwei onwards they gave the series a unique identity all of its own.

I think the original’s soundtrack laid the groundwork for the series’ style even so, though it is a little less defined as a whole. For being memorable and evocative it’s second only to Azel for me, and in videogame terms I think it’s quite distinctive. Zwei solidified the more alien, tribal/synthetic fusion direction of the sound but there’s only a couple of tracks that I found at all rousing personally.

The three first games all have great soundtracks with loads of great themes in them.

Orta is cool but bittersweet since the “Pdness” of the 3 first PD OST’s came from the fact everything was synth-made.

Orta has too many wolrd music influence for my liking but it still has some PD moments (City in the Storm kicks ass and so does Ancient Weapon 2 : both of them use synths on their best parts too)…

I try to force myself to like the lesser elements in Orta everytime I play it tho and well…afte rplaying ti a gazillion times some of them grew on me…

Zwei’s soundtrack was pretty bland, except for the very excellent Guardian Dragon theme, which sounds excellent even today. Though the soundtrack, itself, wasn’t very good, it did give the Panzer Dragoon series it’s first unique sound…which eventually lead to the perfection that is the Azel soundtrack.

I’m a huge fan of PD Zwei’s soundtrack. There’s just something about the way the music is timed to the gameplay that makes that game a whole lot more immersive than it would be with an untimed soundtrack.