Weren't these in Panzer Dragoon someplace?


reminds me of the turrets of Mechania, or even the airship hulls.

Hmm, the hexagonal metal tops and rising-from-the-water aspect remind me of the air force base’s towers in Saga:

And another

I wonder if that was directly inspired by this sort of thing? I’m with you on the other similarities too, as that’s just the kind of dilapidated-metal look that a lot of the Imperial / Meccania military designs go for:

http://legacy.panzerdragoon.net/pd1_images/image_016.jpg http://legacy.panzerdragoon.net/pdz_images/image_017.jpg

The towers from the air force base were exactly what crossed my mind too.

I totally forgot about the towers but knew they were there someplace!

Very cool Lagi. That whole Fleet on the Lake takes on a new dimension of realism somehow. :anjou_happy:

It reminds me more of various imperial crafts rather than the towers, due to the weird shape (and color as mentioned before). I don’t think it looks that much like those towers provided in screenshots…

Heh, someone could make a hoax out of these and say they are from the next PD game.