Well, that sucks

I found a really cheap copy of Saga on Ebay ($81.00), but my father won’t let me get it cause he’s afraid I’m gonna get a bucket of shite. And the bid was ending in about 16 hours. I could have easily won the bid. Damn. And do you know why he doesn’t trust Ebay? Because twice there was a screw up, and, in one of those times, it actually saved me some money because it was a sequel to a different game that I got by accident. I was going to get that anyway, and it would have been more costly. The second time was my own fault. So, in essense, I was never actually ripped off, and now I just missed one of my only chances at nabbing the elusive Saga. Damn.

Well, is there a way I can buy it at a thrift shop here in the US? Do they still sell it at all?

Saga isn’t elusive, just expensive - there’s always going to be several of them floating around on eBay and various other online stores it’s just a matter of whether you can afford them.

As for it turning up in thrift stores… that’s entirely down to if somebody trades it in there, so you’ll just have to keep trying :slight_smile:

Since when did $81 become “cheap”? <.<;; I paid almost half of that for my copy back in the day. (1998)

Since it started selling for $200 a pop. >.>