Welcome to the new Panzer Dragoon forums

As you will know if you have read the updates on the front page of this site, the Excavation Camp is no more. While it has been sad to see such a great forum disappear so quickly, it was necessary due to the number of problems with the panzerdragoon.de forum database.

This place will hopefully act as a new home for camp refugees. It’s not as flash, nor as developed as the Excavation Camp and Town of Zoah forums were, but that should improve over time. This is basically the standard phpBB2 subSilver style; I intend to improve it over the coming weeks.

Please post your thoughts on the new forums. Suggestions are welcome also.

Tis sad to see the old forum go, but everything needs a new start every now and then. I think we should all thank Solo for his efforts :slight_smile:

although i’m a little sad to close down panzerdragoon.de until the next title is announced I did felt the urge for longer vacations.

same as every webmaster i want my site to provide individual news and valuable content not everyone has, and this takes time i simply do not have right now.

i’m very glad though, that Solowing decided to set up a new board, and I feel this is the right place for it.

It’s up to us to make this community as cool or even better than The Camp one!!Happy to be here :D!!

Sing it sister! :smiley:



I do like the colors on Die Welt more than these.
Look at me! I’m already complaining! What a bitch!

Let’s remember that these forums are just in the early stage and are not completed yet.

Also, let’s think of some good PD-related topics so this board doesn’t get abandoned like the Excavation Camp did…

Judging by what other people have said, avatars won’t upload from their computers.
I know mine won’t.

You have to upload to another URL…

Hey Im reply here too. I guess this will do for a board. So what kind of new topics and theories will be begining posting, seeing as all the old ones have “conviently” disappeared.

What do you mean conveniently?

I believe that was a novelty thing called “sarcasm”

Don’t worry my fellow Dragoon, there are plenty of theories waiting to take worded form.

I have plenty of Orta theories too.

Me three :slight_smile:

Just make sure Arc doesnt see them.

Haha, seems as if some people didn’t read the first post or main page of this site properly. Always happens :slight_smile:

I’m glad you guys like the new forums otherwise though…

Solo I just made the sequel to GehnTheDictionary…

Hope you don’t find it spamful …

If you please tell me before you delete it please :wink:

Should be okay…

When I said no spam, I didn’t mean no having fun :slight_smile:

But not too many of these sorts of topics, k?

Too bad for the camp, it is a shame to see it go down and with it the history of the forum.
But, as long as the community still exists, all should be well.