Welcome to the Holy District

I hope members here don’t mind the idea of a private forum like this. The result should ultimately be positive though; we can have some good off topic discussion without unnecessary interruptions.

this is nice :slight_smile:

Thnx a lot for making this Solo, I’m sure it will help a great deal :slight_smile:
Not sure if the special access thing was needed, I believe if you had a clear NO SPAM thing most ppl would have the common sense to not spam in here…however I don’t have any objections against it either :slight_smile: anythin works for me, just thinking that perhaps some ppl won’t go in the trouble to pm you for access even if they don’t spam…ah well that’s not that big a problem either I believe, I doubt that someone will be THAT lazy hehe.
Anyway, it works a treat like this for me :slight_smile: thnx again!

Well just wanna be here on this historical moment :slight_smile:

Hmmm this is nice. Well done Solo.

i’d like to join gehn in spaming the "no spam forum"s welcome thread.

i just wanna be here too!

no seriously - i think this was a good idea - well done!

Maybe it would work just having a no spam label… but maybe it wouldn’t. Like you said though, who would be lazy enough not ask for access if they really wanted to post here? I mean, the main reason that people are on this site is to talk about Panzer Dragoon, not off topic stuff, and the on topic board is open to anyone. As far as I’m concerned (and please correct me if I’m wrong) the reason people want an off topic board is to be able to discuss non-Panzer topics with other members of the community. So there’s really no reason someone would need to post on this board in a hurry if they hadn’t been to these forums before - there are other boards on the net for talking about subjects other than Panzer and if you don’t know the members here then what would be the point in posting on the Holy District? (except to introduce yourself and that can be done in the Liberal District).

That is how I see it…

I guess we’re a bunch of Panzer nerbs for wanting to discuss the series all the time. :slight_smile:

I just like the fact that this hopefully won’t become a place where two or three people end up having digs at each other.

Nah. You’re entitled to speak your mind here, and even go off topic without complaint. Still, we want to keep the pointless spam to a minimum. Not everything people write will equate to spam, so feel free.

[quote=“the divine visitor”]

i’d like to join gehn in spaming the "no spam forum"s welcome thread.

i just wanna be here too!

no seriously - i think this was a good idea - well done![/quote]

See!!No wonder you all call me spammer…


If this is spam then I’m the king of spammers!!

I just didn’t want to say cool cause quite frankly I think this feature (banning the spammers from the forums) could be applied to the other forums(the old ones - off topic an main).

As long as you make a point Gehn, it’s not spam. Don’t worry, not everything you write is spam (the same applies to Shadow).

Now get back to building your website. :slight_smile:

I’m not worried, in fact (like I said a million times before) I don’t consider myself a spammer…

And I’m working on it :slight_smile:

w00t w00t w000000000000t I’ve finally got access to the Holy District!

Cheers Solo :wink:

wahey :smiley: I like it here ^^ good idea being able to have off-topics, talk about other things than Panzer alll the time, ya just wanna relax and chat with other members, solo got it completely right^^